Who Is Carly Hunt? Everything To Know About The Sister Of Kasie Hunt

Kasie Hunt will be the new CNN+ anchor. Carly Hunt, her sister is also as academic as her age is 2 years younger than Kasie. Inform yourself with more of such details below

Carly Hunt is a former golfer and a psychologist, and counselling therapist.

A week ago, Kasie Hunt was appointed as the new anchor for CNN. Additionally, she will also have her own show as a chief national affairs analyst. Beginning from September 7, we can see Kasie live on the CNN streaming platform CNN+.

As Kasie gets trending, it was a matter of time for her family to be caught by the public eye. And, Carly is a legend in herself.

Who Is Carly Hunt?

There is no one fixed answer to who Carly Hunt is. She is a lot of things like psychologist, golfer, therapist, yoga teacher, and researcher.

Carly played golf as a kid and as a college student. She played golf until 2010. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Georgetown University. She went to various inter-college championships winning titles.

She continued playing golf throughout her graduate college in Maryland. At Maryland, she finished under top 10 and participated in all six spring tournaments in the college. However, this was the end of golf for Mary.

Then, Carly proceeded on to pursue psychology as her career. Currently, she works as a Researcher and John Hopkins University and an Instructor at the University of Maryland.

Carly Hunt, Kasie Hunt’s Sister Age 

Carly Hunt is 34 years old while Kasie is 36. Even though Kasie looks much younger, her age is deceiving.

Carly was born on11th July 1987. She was born and raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania while her sister was born in Michigan. The family moved to Wayne permanently after a year Kasie was born.

The sibling sisters were born to Bruce and Krista Hunt. Krista particularly influences much more Carly. Her mother is also a yoga teacher. This inspired Carly to understand the physical body. She also has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology, which is the study of the physical body.

 Where Is Carly Hunt Now In 2021? 

Carly Hunt is now in Baltimore, Maryland. She started a program called ‘Mindfulness for People with Rheumatic Disease’ in 2021.

As a kinesiologist and psychologist, she combined the two fields to help patients with rheumatic diseases.

You can also find her on Facebook at @carly.hunt.3914

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