Who Is Olivia Epifano? Everything On The Lavish Lash Lounge Owner

Olivia Epifano is a 21 years old self-employed owner and founder of the Lavish Lash Lounge. Let us learn more about her Net Worth and Instagram.

Olivia Epifano is a self-employed, self-established owner and director of The Lavish Lash Lounge who was born in Melbourne, Australia.

Epifano is the owner with a track record in marketing and advertising education. Advertising, Makeup Artistry, Leadership, Marketing, and Social Media Marketing are some of my specialties. 

She claims herself as a strong business development professional with a good positive attitude.

Olivia had released a ‘miracle’ eyelash curler that leaves lashes appearing feathery and lifted in seconds. Moreover, she sold out her eyelash curler within the first 72 hours of its launch.

Olivia Epifano: Age

Olivia Epifano is currently 21 years old. She is a business development professional who graduated from RMIT University in the year 2020.

Epifano previously worked as a makeup artist and dropped out of her marketing and communications university degree to focus on the business prior to launching.

She officially launched her own business at the age of 18. Her business growth is gradually inclining towards a new height which makes her a successful, self-employed, independent woman.

Olivia Epifano: Net Worth

Olivia Epifano is a makeup artist, who created $15 false eyelashes which were cruelty-free that can last for months without the need to replace through which she made $100,000 in 14 days after her website launched.

She currently sells ten distinct lash styles for various eyes, ranging in price from $15 to $25 apiece.

Her business growth strikes up rapidly as TikTok user Sarah Bada compared The Lash Lifter to the $30 Kevyn Aucoin lash curler, Olivia’s eyelash curler turned to influencer marketing.

Olivia Epifano: Instagram

Olivia Epifano does have her own Instagram account under the handle Olivia Epifano, where she posts about her business and her lifestyle.

Epifano has a total of 3000 followers, whereas she has 19 posts on her own Instagram page. 

Olivia sold out her whole eyelash curler collection within the time duration of 72 hours. So we can say that she has very good social media marketing skills.

Olivia Epifano: Family

Olivia Epifano seems to remain private when it comes to her personal and family life.

Epifano’s parents or sibling relations are nowhere to be found on her social media platforms.

Similarly, she seems to be a goal-oriented person as she only mentions her professional business and marketing life out in media.

However, since it has just been two years for Olivia to launch her own business, she has yet to introduce her family in the public eyes.

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