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Former ‘Bad Girls Club’ Stars Tanisha Thomas And Natalie Nunn Get Into It Over Proposed Reunion Season

Whew! The girls are fighting this Saturday morning. If you’re wondering why two former BGC stars ae low-key beefing, well alright so boom, TanishaThomas and Natalie Nunn vaguely talked about the potential of having a whole reunion season, kind of like an “All-Star” season, of Oxygen’s infamous “Bad Girls Club.”

But apparently, the OG bad girls weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on how things should be done. Well whatever private conversations they may have had turned real public this morning when Tanisha made a post saying Natalie told her she’s “a good girl now and it does not sell.”

Well Natalie didn’t seem too fond of Tanisha airing her out because she responded with a lengthy comment and it was on from there! The long and short of it, Natalie feels they can have the reunion season without Oxygen and calls Tanisha out a few times, alleging she’s acting like a “house n***a.” SWIPE to see the spicy back-and-forth.

It seems both ladies might actually move on to do their own reunion-season related projects. Guess we’ll have to see how it turns out. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: The Shade Room | BBC News & Gossip

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