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Fans Fear for Jackson Roloff’s Bow Legs After Zach and Tori LPBW Departure News

Even amidst the news that Zach and Tori Roloff are not returning to Little People, Big World, life goes on.

Their precious family remains on social media. Recently, Zach shared photos from a fun father-son outing with Jackson.

Viewers took to the comments to voice their concerns over the 6-year-old’s bowed legs. Things do not seem to be improving.

However, the comments became so vocal and numerous that Tori intervened, asking people to back off.

Precious 6-year-old Jackson Roloff poses with dad Zach Roloff and professional dirt track and sprint car driver Rico Abreu in September 2023. (Instagram)

Recently, Jackson Roloff attended a race in Grays Harbor. Obviously, being 6 years old, he didn’t go alone.

He went with his father, Zach. The two seem to share an interest in sports of various types.

While Zach excitedly showed off photos of his son with a professional driver, followers were feeling less starstruck. Instead, they expressed concerns over Jackson.

While attending a race, Jackson Roloff got some photos with professional dirt track and sprint car driver Rico Abreu. Nice! (Instagram)

Specifically, fans directed their attention to Jackson’s legs.

They remain remarkably bowed. As he has grown, the bones of his legs have curved in such a way that there is a lot of space between his legs, even when his feet are together.

Over time, this is likely to cause him increased difficulty with certain physical activities. And, generally speaking, leg bowing becomes worse over time — not better. Not without surgical intervention.

Jackson Roloff displayed his ability to walk but also the unmistakable presence of his bow legs during the final weekend of June in 2023. His parents had likely hoped to see more linear leg growth by the time that he turned six. (Instagram)

Just for the record, Jackson has very much had surgical intervention.

Nearly two years ago, in late 2021, doctors hoped that a minimally invasive procedure would help to guide his bones into more linear growth.

However, fans are not seeing the progress that they’d hoped to observe by now. And they wonder if more drastic measures are necessary. It’s possible … but Jackson may just be responding more slowly because of his achondroplasia.

Though Tori Roloff’s Story showed Josiah Roloff enjoying a toy car, some of her followers focused their attention upon Jackson Roloff’s legs. (Instagram)

As is often the case when any photo of Jackson features his legs, comment after comment poured in on one subject.

“Jackson’s poor little legs… :(” one Instagram user wrote.

“I was just thinking of how bad they’re getting,” another follower admitted.

Precious Jackson Roloff makes his way over to the crib where 1-year-old brother Josiah is giggling in June of 2023. (Instagram)

“I don’t think his operation worked,” another commenter lamented with an air of defeat.

“They just need to get him taken care of is all,” a commenter opined. “Not let it linger.”

And an additional commenter expressed: “Feel so bad for the little guys legs.”

Here, we see 5-year-old Jackson Roloff along side an Easter Bunny while enjoying an egg hunt early in the spring of 2023. (Instagram)

A number of commenters recently made similar comments under one of Tori’s posts.

Actually, in that case, they chose to go so far as to openly pray (not to judge anyone else’s harmless religious practices but … in Instagram comments? Unsure if that’s a standard Christian practice these days, but it happens) for Jackson.

Tori saw and she clearly felt weirded out. She’d had enough.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, August 8, Tori Roloff went on a bit of a rant about one very rude question that fans keep asking. Enough! (Instagram)

“Not once has my son ever complained or said he was in pain because of his legs,” Tori firmly told commenters.

“He is under the care of the best doctors and loving parents,” she affirmed. Tori asked people to “Take this stuff elsewhere.”

Not for nothing, but the professional driver with whom Jackson took photos? His legs look a little bowed, too. Maybe we can all worry a little less about this specific thing.

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