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Janelle Brown: I May Not Be Done with Plural Marriage!

As you likely know by now, Janelle Brown is finished with Kody Brown.

The very strict rules and regulations her spiritual spouse put in place during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic finally became too much for Janelle last year… especially considering the toll these protocols put on her kids.

In December 2022, Janelle admitted on the Sister Wives one-on-one special that she and Kody were separated.

On the latest episode of this TLC reality show, however?

Janelle Brown addresses the camera in this confessional from Season 18. (TLC)

Janelle admitted she might not be done overall with the concept of plural marriage.

“I’ve had to really think about plural marriage,” the 54-year-old said to the camera on Sunday evening.

“I still believe it can be lived and that there’s a purpose for it. Despite the fact that Kody and I are having problems, I do think I could live plural marriage again.”

To be clear, this episode was filmed many, many months ago.

Kody and Janelle Brown got into an extremely heated discussion the third episode of Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

On the September 3 installment of the series, Janelle and Kody got into a heated confrontation that made both parties feel as if the relationship was over.

Fast forward these seven days, and Janelle acknowledged that one doesn’t just walk into a new polygamous situation.

But, again, she wouldn’t rule it out.

“I don’t know if there’s really an opportunity for me to live it again,” she said on air.

“I mean, it’s kind of a strange thing. You don’t really go around finding people who are living plural marriage.”

Janelle Brown has something to say in this Season 18 confessional. (TLC)

As for Kody?

“Five years ago, I was fighting to keep it together,” he said on this episode, prior to confessing that he was totally fine with Janelle walking away.

“What has happened to me that has caused me to … feel relief when a woman’s saying, ‘I’m leaving.’”

What a sweetheart, right?

Kody and Janelle Brown are no longer married. But the door on this romance isn’t fully closed. (TLC)

Kody, of course, entered into a spiritual marriage with Janelle 1993.

She joined Meri Brown at the time, who was legally married to Kody… until 2014, when Kody divorced Meri and married Robyn so that he could officially adopt her children from a previous relationship.

Kody was also spiritually with Christine Brown from 1994 to 2021.

“I don’t think that the fact that our family has fallen apart like it has is because of polygamy. I think it’s because of personalities,” Meri chimed in on this week’s episode.

“I think that [Kody] regrets marrying Christine. I don’t know where he is with Janelle, but I do believe 100 percent that he regrets marrying me.”

Kody Brown stares down Christine in this scene from the Sister Wives Season 18 opener. (TLC)

Despite everything he and Janelle have said recently on air, meanwhile, Kody surprised People Magazine readers a few weeks ago when he sounded open to getting back together with the mother of six.

“I’m still looking for reconciliation with Janelle. I won’t say she’s been wishy-washy about the departure,” Kody told this outlet in August.

“But I keep thinking, ‘This isn’t a reason for us to break up. We can work through this. We can find trust again and negotiate an agreement on that trust if we’ll just work on it.’”

He added back then:

“I have to find a new normal with Janelle because even if Janelle and I reconcile our marriage, it’s still going to be a new normal because it’s going to be different from where we’ve been before.

“Because how it was working for us didn’t seem like it was quite right. It wasn’t whole.”


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