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Jennifer Aydin Threw Her Drink at Joe Gorga: You Betrayed Teresa!!

We all heard a lot about who booed whom and who showed up at BravoCon 2022.

Teresa Giudice made some surprising comments at the convention, but she was obviously not the only RHONJ star present.

Jennifer Aydin was there. Joe Gorga was there.

And, ever firmly tucked away in Teresa’s corner, Jennifer allegedly threw her drink on Joe.

Jennifer Aydin Reacts at the Season 12 ReunionJennifer Aydin Reacts at the Season 12 Reunion

We have all heard a lot about Teresa Giudice and her “minions.”

Half of the time, people just mean Jennifer Aydin.

Sure enough, Tre was allegedly front and center over the reported altercation that went down over the weekend.

Teresa Giudice posed beside castmate, friend, and minion Jennifer Aydin at Tre’s bridal party.

Not all of the BravoCon drama went down during official panels, folks.

Jennifer Aydin and Joe Gorga were both in the lobby of their hotel in New York City.

This all went down on Sunday, October 16.

Joe Gorga Makes His PointJoe Gorga Makes His Point
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga had a lot to say to his sister at the Season 12 Reunion.

It is unclear what the two could possibly have been discussing.

But, in a video that social media users circulated with gleeful abandon, not even two security guards could prevent Jennifer from getting Joe.

In the video, she appears to dash Joe with a clear liquid.

We also see Jennifer throw her empty plastic cup at her castmate.

Some viewers of the video observed that she seemed to call him “Popeye” in anger.

Jennifer did not exactly walk up to the random fan recording the exchange to explain. However, many have guessed.

Jennifer Aydin Gets DefensiveJennifer Aydin Gets Defensive
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin defends herself, using witty comebacks after being called “tone deaf.”

Widespread speculation says that the point of contention is a familiar one.

This summer, Teresa Giudice married Luis “Louie” Ruelas, emphasizing the final word of “for better or for worse.”

In a fit of drama that has not yet unfolded on our screens, Melissa and Joe Gorga ended up not attending the nuptials. At all.

It doesn’t take an inside scoop to know that Jennifer Aydin was always going to take Teresa’s side in this dispute.

After all, this is what she does.

(Many of us sometimes wonder about when she will snap and turn on Tre … but that day has not yet come)

Melissa Gorga Comes For Jennifer Aydin at Real Housewives of N.J. Reunion: I Will END YOU!!Melissa Gorga Comes For Jennifer Aydin at Real Housewives of N.J. Reunion: I Will END YOU!!

But we needn’t imagine how Jennifer feels about it.

At BravoCon, she spoke directly on the topic.

Specifically, Jennifer doesn’t feel that it was right for Joe and Melissa to ghost the wedding — no matter what.

“I understand that the reasoning they didn’t wanna go to the wedding was very superficial,” Jennifer claimed to Us Weekly.

“And,” she then asserted, “not matter of fact at all.”

When it comes to Joe, Jennifer speculated: “I think he’ll regret it.”

Joe Gorga Blows UpJoe Gorga Blows Up
The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga blows up at his sister over her ex-husband’s wrongdoings.

“Just ’cause you don’t regret something now doesn’t mean that one day you won’t regret it,” Jennifer imparted at BravoCon.

“So things may be still hot for him,” she said, referring to Joe’s emotional state.

“And,” Jennifer then observed, “it is still very raw.”

Jennifer Aydin: I Caught My Husband Cheating the Day Before I Gave Birth!Jennifer Aydin: I Caught My Husband Cheating the Day Before I Gave Birth!

Jennifer even wondered if Joe and Melissa might feel differently after they watch Season 13.

“Plus, the season hasn’t even aired yet,” she noted. Many reality stars find it illuminating to view themselves through the TV lens.

“So,” she added, “we are going to relive all these moments over again.”

Jennifer Aydin Video StillJennifer Aydin Video Still
This is a still image taken from the video Jennifer Aydin filmed to announce she has Covid-19.

“In addition to that, [we’ll] see what people said about us in confessionals,” Jennifer voiced.

Speaking from experience, she commented: “which could always be very hurtful.”

Jennifer described: “So [it] kind of like builds up the feelings all over again.”

“So I don’t think that he’ll regret it maybe anytime soon,” Jennifer allowed.

“But,” she clarified, “I do feel that one day he will regret it.”

Perhaps. But that is not how Joe was feeling last week, two days before he found himself in the splash zone.

Joe Gorga on RHONJJoe Gorga on RHONJ
Joe Gorga looks pretty fired up in this photo from The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“I made a decision, and I don’t regret anything I do,” Joe asserted on Friday, October 14.

“I would regret it if that was me and everything’s reversed,” he said, meaning that he would have done things differently had he been in Teresa’s shoes.

Joe stated: “I’d be kicking myself in the ass every day.”

Teresa Giudice Blasts Her Own Brother: Joe is Too Involved!Teresa Giudice Blasts Her Own Brother: Joe is Too Involved!

“That’s my only family. So, what do you think? Yeah, it was devastating,” Teresa admitted on Saturday, October 15.

“I mean, the day before [our wedding], I was in tears ‘cause I just found out,” she expressed.

Teresa added: “It was heartbreaking [because] it’s my only family, and Luis was hurting for me. My children were hurting. But then [on] that day, that day was our day.”

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