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Josh Duggar to Anna: Do NOT Move to Texas! I’m Gonna Be Out of Prison In No Time!

Back in June, Josh Duggar was transferred to the federal prison in, Seagoville, Texas that will serve as his home for the next decade.

Obviously, life for Josh is different in Seagoville than it was in his previous home at the county jail where he resided for several months after being convicted.

One of the biggest differences, of course, is that Josh is no longer just a short drive from his family’s home in Tontitown, Arkansas.

Josh and Anna Duggar in happier times. (Photo via Instagram)

Now, the Duggars have to make a several-hour trek and cross state lines in order to visit Josh.

That’s a particular strain on Anna, who is currently raising her seven children by Josh on her own.

Obviously, it’s not easy for Anna to pack up the whole brood and make an 8-hour round trip journey just to visit Dad for an afternoon.

Josh and Anna Duggar with three of their seven children. (Photo via Instagram)

It’s been widely rumored that Anna is planning to move to Texas in order to be closer to Josh.

But it seems that she’s experiencing some unexpected pushback against that idea — from Josh himself.

You see, Josh thinks it’s unnecessary for Anna to uproot the entire family — because he genuinely believes that his appeal will be successful, and he’ll be released sometime in the next few months.

Josh Duggar and Anna DuggarJosh Duggar and Anna Duggar
Josh’s wife Anna has maintained her belief in his innocence. (Photo via Instagram)

“He thinks he is going to beat his appeal and feels his wife’s move is unnecessary,” a source close to the situation tells The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“He tends to think they are going to reverse his case.”

Apparently, Josh’s resistance to the idea of Anna’s big move has created some major tension within the couple.

Josh Duggar’s legal team recently filed their appeal.

“Josh and Anna had a dispute on the phone and Josh went two days without talking to her, which is big because he calls every day,” says the source.

Josh reportedly receives 500 minutes of phone time a month and uses the full allotment every month.

He doesn’t have access to email “due to his charge.”

Josh and Anna Duggar and FamJosh and Anna Duggar and Fam
Josh and Anna Duggar stand here and pose for a professional family photo. What an effed up couple. (Photo via Instagram)

Insiders say Anna has appeared “tired, broken, and worn out” during recent visits with Josh.

That’s probably in part because she just had to drive four hours with seven kids in the car.

But apparently, that’s not the only reason that Anna has looked so worn down in recent months.

Josh and Anna Duggar Family PhotoJosh and Anna Duggar Family Photo
Josh and Anna have a LOT of kids. And thankfully, they live far away from their father. (Photo via Getty)

“His actions appear to have really affected her,” the insider says.

Josh’s case appeared to be open-and-shut during his first trial, but his lawyers believe they have some tricks up their sleeves.

Specifically, they plan to make the bizarre claim that Josh was framed by longtime Duggar family friend Caleb Williams.

Caleb Williams 2021Caleb Williams 2021
Caleb Williams’ mug shot following his 2020 arrest.

Williams is also a convicted sex offender, and he did some freelance work for Josh in the same office where the child sexual abuse materials (CSAM) were found by investigators.

Now, Caleb was also in a different state on the day that the CSAM were downloaded, but Josh’s lawyers seem unperturbed by that inconvenient fact.

And it sounds like Josh is 100 percent convinced that he’ll soon be a free man!

We look forward to seeing him badly disappointed.

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