Kody Brown Hits Low Point as a Dad, Trashed for “Cruel” Treatment of Daughter

Kody Brown is under fire from many people on the Internet.

This shouldn’t exactly come as a shock to anyone familiar with the Sister Wives patriarch.

In this latest case, however, TLC viewers aren’t reacting to the horrible ways in which Kody has treated his spiritual spouses…

… they’re reacting to what Kody put his daughter through last Christmas.

Kody Brown smiles here at the graduation of daughter Savannah. (Instagram)

On the latest episode of Sister Wives, we witnessed Janelle Brown spending the holidays mostly alone in 2022, hanging out at a vacation rental with her children — including 18-year old Savannah.

While Janelle noted how the occasion actually served as a “relief,” she did note how she felt “sadness” due to the fact that Kody was “not showing up for his kids.”

For her part, Savanah labeled the day as “quiet” but “kind of pleasant” as she and her brothers were shown opening their stockings while sitting on the sofa.

Separately, Kody said Janelle was “out of mind” and “out of sight” for him on Christmas… saying he was “blocking everything else” out for that day unless it was about his “loyal” wife and children.

This was an obvious reference to Robyn Brown, and Robyn Brown only.

Kody Brown addresses the camera in this scene from Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

As you might expect, Kody’s attitude toward Savannah was taken into account by a number of social media users.

“I feel so bad for that girl !!! She really doesn’t deserve to be abandoned the way she was,” wrote one critic on Reddit.

Added a second: “It’s all about how hurt he is & how he doesn’t want poor victim Robyn to have to see him in his ‘dark’ mood. He couldn’t even be bothered to wish Savannah or the boys a Merry Christmas.”

And a third: “Abandoning your child is the ultimate dealbreaker for me. Robyn better take notes that her kids will get this treatment as well at some point.”

And a fourth: “Kodys punishing Janelle and Christine’s kids because he’s not on good terms with their moms. I’m a single mom and I’ve experienced this, and I know and see many other single mom’s experience this. It’s cruel and selfish.”

We were just thinking: Kody Brown rarely ever looks happy on Sister Wives. Wouldn’t you agree? (TLC)

We could go on and on.

Both Christine and Janelle have stated in the past that they left Kody due to the way he acted toward their sons and daughters.

“For years I’d say, ‘Your dad loves you. He loves you. He wants to spend time with you,” Christine said in December on a podcast, referring at first to 12-year old Truely, but then adding overall:

“I’d tell my kids that all of the time, that he’s going to come over. We’re going to have a great time.

“And after a while, they stopped believing me. And I saw it in their eyes that they didn’t believe me anymore.

“They did really feel like they had a great connection with him.”

Kody Brown has an odd look on his face in this look at the former polygamist on Sister Wives Season 18. (TLC)

As for Gabriel?

One of the kids Kody shares with Janelle?

Heck, he doesn’t even talk to his dad anymore.


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