Eboni K. Williams may have made some of her Real Housewives of New York castmates look like spoiled produce during this very socially aware new season — but she doesn’t want anyone to get fired over it!

The show’s first Black star opened up about the ongoing drama between her and Ramona Singer in a juicy interview on Chanel In The City with Chanel Omari, telling the host that she hopes to keep clashing with the franchise vet in future seasons.

As fans know, Singer is rumored to be getting the axe from the Bravo series after a disastrous season that saw her making ignorant, privileged comments during discussions about race and social issues. Last month, an insider told OK! the fan favorite’s “time is up,” explaining the reality star is “too expensive” and her role on the show “doesn’t work anymore.”

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But in her new interview, Eboni revealed the RHONY OG is still on Bravo’s payroll… for now, at least! She said:

“She’s not fired. Let’s start with that. OK, let’s start with, like, the OK to me, what should be the topic? OK, absolutely no casting decisions have been made and people that know RHONY and know Housewives know that they would never even consider what next season is going to look like before the reunion. Duh duh. You know. And so no, nobody’s fired. Stop.”

She makes a good point… but totally glosses over another!

According to OK!, the show’s proverbial reunion taping was scheduled for the first week of August, but was “canceled” after Ramona decided to pull out of it! A source previously dished:

“Ramona has pulled out of taping the reunion special that was scheduled for the first week of August… Ramona is sick of all the race talk. She knows she’s going to be destroyed at the reunion and isn’t willing to go through with it if she’s already [fired]. This is why Bravo didn’t want the news about Ramona getting out until after they taped the reunion… All the other ladies have been told the taping has been postponed but not given a new date.”

Quite, quite messy!

While it’s unclear whether or not the reunion is still happening — or if Ramona will be a part of it — Eboni made one thing clear in her interview: she doesn’t think the Housewives mainstay deserves to be canned! She said:

“I don’t advocate for anybody’s termination. That’s, I’m just, I’m not that person personally. I’m a person that, as awkward, cringy as it is, let’s just have a f**king conversation. Yeah, truly, I’m into it. That’s the growth we got to you know, it’s like, what’s the saying? You can’t go above it or under it. You got to go through it. And so the firing of any one of us prohibits the opportunity to go through it unless there was some other issue at play. But in terms of the show and the conversations on the show, I don’t think anyone has done anything on the show that warrants termination.”

As for whether Eboni would return for another season?

“Listen, I think there’s a lot of variables that, you know, with the second half of the season to play out. Right. There’s a reunion to tape and to witness how that lands. And then there’s, you know, what does the cast potentially look like next season? I think all of those would be four of my considerations, and that’s not even getting to Bravo and [production company Shed Media]’s considerations, which precursor mind? You know, before I get to make a choice, they get to make a choice. Am I invited back? If I’m invited back, then trust me, I will, you know, take that decision very seriously because it’s a high stakes choice for them and for me.”

Sounds like it!

Only time will tell if Ramona returns to the show next season, or even for its reunion. Until then, watch Eboni’s interview for more tea (below)!

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