Kristen Doute Admits to Using Wight Loss 'Pens' Before AirSculpt

The Valley star Kristen Doute is loving the results of her AirSculpt treatment after struggling to lose weight. The reality star exclusively tells Life & Style that she even turned to “pens” in hopes of seeing results ​before finding the right weight loss treatment for her.

“I did try one of the pens, the medicine that you inject yourself with, I tried that for three weeks and I was so insanely sick that I couldn’t do it anymore,” Kristen, 41, admits. “And I’m like, ‘What am I doing? What am I doing? This is insane. I’m flip-flopping all over the place.’ So, I just wanted something that was going to make me feel confident.”

And confidence she has gained, as the Vanderpump Rules alum gushes that she bought her first two-piece bathing suit in five years.

“I used to do the fad diets when I was in my 20s when it was really big, like the master cleanse or the this or the that. And all it did was make me gain it right back two seconds later,” Kristen explains. She adds of AirSculpt and her experience with the treatment, “We went in to go to the procedure, I was fully awake and listening to music and chatting away, and it just kind of happened. … I flew home two days later to L.A. and was able to take a shower the next morning and take off my – I had kind of a compression little suit on – and I took some photos immediately.”

Kristen Doute Admits to Using Wight Loss 'Pens' Before AirSculpt

As for Kristen’s onscreen activity, the Bravolebrity has brought the tea to the season 1 cast of The Valley. The reality series, which also stars VPR alums Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, premiered in March and instantly gained popularity among viewers. Fans were pleased to see that Kristen still brought the fire as she dropped a major bomb about estranged couple Jesse Lally and Michelle Lally.

Kristen’s debut on The Valley was her return to reality TV after her 2020 firing from Vanderpump Rules.

“There’s no way to prepare for that. It’s just like fingers crossed. Here I am, and it has been so many years,” Kristen explains. “So, I was really hoping that people were going to be open to that and seeing there’s such a huge change we’ve all gone through since the pandemic really, but especially for me and my love life and trying to have a baby and all of that. But I pleasantly surprised everyone has been, for the most part, really, really kind and supportive.”

Kristen’s boyfriend, Luke Broderick, made his Bravo debut on The Valley after they confirmed their relationship in December 2022. The couple suffered a miscarriage nearly one year later. Although Luke, 32, resides in Colorado, he often spends long periods of time at Kristen’s place in Los Angeles.

“For Luke, this is a whole new rodeo for Luke. So, even just living in L.A. when he stays here is a whole new world for him. But for me, it might not be as wonderful for him kind of being thrown into this mix and this mess,” Kristen shares. “But for me, having my very best friend there by my side and to have my back was the best thing I could ever ask for.”

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