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A Look At Property Brothers Star Jonathan Scott’s Dating History

Not long before Jonathan Scott became a household name from “Property Brothers,” he went through a divorce. According to People, the reality star met Kelsy Ully in 2007 and moved from Canada to the U.S. to be with her. The couple’s relationship moved incredibly fast, and they married the same year they met. Jonathan told the outlet, “We were young, and there was a rush going into it. She wanted to get married on 07/07/07 … so it wasn’t something that naturally happened.” However, the whirlwind romance began to die down after Ully picked up a new job that created some distance between the couple. Per Suggest, Scott revealed in his memoir that in 2009, Ully blindsided him by changing her relationship status from married to nothing at all. Although they split in 2009, it took several years for their divorce to become finalized in 2013.

After Ully, the reality star took his time before jumping into another serious relationship. Scott began dating television producer Jacinta Kuznetsov in 2015 after the two crossed paths at a charity event. Although their relationship started awkwardly, it didn’t progress that way. In 2017, the renovator revealed that he and the producer were considering marriage. He shared, “We definitely want to get married and have kids, but we’re just finding joy in our relationship and still learning about each other as well.” Unfortunately, this wouldn’t become a reality because the pair split in 2018.

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