Model and fitness influencer Alaina Anderson and NBA player Derrick Rose have formed a beautiful family. Alaina Anderson may not yet be Derrick Rose’s wife; however, they have lived as a close-knit family for many years.


Alaina Anderson is a model, fitness influencer, and entrepreneur, and she was born in Chicago, Illinois. Derrick Rose’s partner is a gorgeous and independent woman who has created and raised her brand of products and clothing.

Anderson has stood out as a fitness influencer and has thousands of followers on her Instagram account, here’s inside the life of New York Knicks player Derrick Rose’s fiancée.


First Years and Career

Alaina Anderson was born on November 15, 1994, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. For her entire life, Anderson has been a hustler, and she has now become successful. She has primarily lived in big cities such as Chicago and New York.

She graduated from high school. She also furthered her education by attending the University of Illinois; however, it’s unclear what she studied or whether she graduated.

Anderson grew up in Chicago, is a De La Salle High School graduate, was part of her high school cheerleading team and worked at Hooters. Since then, she has worked to build her brand and reputation as a fitness influencer.



Her brand, Keep It Cute, sells fitness essentials like fitness bands, resistance bands, and clothing to keep beautiful and fashionable for those interested in keeping their figure on-trend.

The multi-hyphenate is also a model, especially on Instagram, and often attends high-profile events. In 2022, she attended top events like the Balenciaga show and a Gucci party.

She loves branded clothes and shows off her expensive fashion items on her Instagram page. There are often photos of branded accessories, clothes, and also shoes. Anderson also likes to travel and often goes on vacation and spends time with her children.



Is Alaina Anderson Derrick Rose’s Wife?

Alaina Anderson and Derrick Rose probably met between 2008 to 2016 when Rose was a Chicago Bulls player; however, the exact date they met and also started dating is unknown.

The couple has been together for several years, and they have already started a family. The pair have welcomed two children; however, they have a total of three kids, including Rose’s son from a previous relationship.

In 2018 there were rumors that Anderson and Rose secretly tied the knot. The couple got engaged at Madison Square Garden, and Anderson was so ecstatic about the engagement that she dedicated four posts of the event on her Instagram. She has now added Rose to her last name on her Instagram page.



Rose shared an image of Anderson showing off her engagement ring to announce the pair’s engagement. He also wrote a touching message to his partner, expressing how he didn’t expect their relationship to go this way. Rose further wrote:

“Believe the words that I will have your back and love u forever. When I FIRST saw you I told Ryan that we were gon be together. It took both of us a while to let down our guards. That’s only becuz both of our hearts were scarred.”

He ended his message by saying he will “always love” Anderson because she goes “above and beyond.” Rose said, “We built a beautiful family and a unbreakable bond. Thank you Queen.”



Alaina Anderson’s Children

Rose and Anderson have two children of their own, a girl born in 2018 named Layla Malibu Rose and a boy born in 2019 named London Marley Rose. They are the only two children that she has.

On his part, Rose also has an older son named Derrick Rose Jr., born in 2012 from the basketball player’s relationship with his former longtime girlfriend, Mieka Reese.


Alaina Anderson Supports Derrick Rose

As the partner of an NBA player, Anderson knows that when the seasons end, there are uncertainties about some players’ fate. She has been supporting Rose whenever such situations come up.

Rose’s name was mentioned in October 2020 when it was published on social media that several players might be released or traded to different teams. His partner only commented with smiley faces, seemingly laughing at the news.


Stable Relationship

Although the player and his fiancée had some ups and downs during their relationship, they are stable and happy. They are very committed to each other and their children, to whom they give as much time as possible.

During quarantine, Rose was isolated for several weeks with his family, off the game board. During that time, he took the opportunity to enjoy activities and games with his children, some of which he shared on his social media.


Facing Problems

Rose is not one to give up easily; he has been a fighter since he was little and lived with his mother and brothers. He knows what it is to grow up without the support of a father, which is why he is committed to being present in his children’s lives.

Likewise, he did not allow himself to be defeated by accusations of drugging and abusing a young woman levied against him and two friends in 2013. Fortunately, after the legal process, he was cleared of all charges.

Anderson shared pictures of her and Rose on her Instagram page in late 2021, with the first image showing the couple holding each other. She wrote in the caption, “Cool parents… Not regular parents.”



How Does Alaina Anderson Feel about Derrick Rose’s First Son?

Alaina Anderson’s partner frequently appears with his son before games and on walks. Although his relationship with the mother ended, the father and child remain close.

Despite Anderson not yet being Derrick Rose’s wife, she has a great relationship with Rose’s first child, and her two kids love their older brother. Her stepson Derrick Jr. has taken to modeling from a very young age and enjoys posing for the camera.

Anderson is also good to Derrick Rose’s son. On her page, you can find pictures with Derrick Jr. In 2021, Anderson congratulated Derrick Jr. by writing: “Happy birthday @impjrose we love you so much!” on her Instagram.

Alaina Anderson and Derrick Rose have such a great family. Meet the lovely family of another NBA star, Donovan Mitchell.


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