Everyone’s favourite low-scoring quiz show returned to BBC One on Saturday night as host Alexander Armstrong oversaw a special celebrity edition which ended on a strange note.

Strictly Come Dancing star Luba Mushtuk was among the contestants on the all-star version of the popular gameshow, which also starred Sherrie Hewson, Lisa Maxwell, Christine Ohuruogu, Bianca Williams and Lela Navabi alongside Priya Hall.

Yes, they are the celebrities.

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Russian dancer Luba was paired with another dancer in Wayne Sleep. The pair did well to tiptoe and shimmy through the first few rounds as they scored well on V words.

But the pair became unsteady on their feet on a Martin Scorcese/Steven Spielberg films round, with Luba incorrectly naming a Quentin Tarantino film before Wayne scored a high 56 with ET.

It meant the dancing duo missed out on the head-to-head.

On being told they were eliminated, Wayne said: “We were going to actually dance if we didn’t know the answer, so we’re gonna dance anyway.

“Ready, and…” and Wayne then took Luba’s hands before pulling her close to him and grabbing her round the waist and pulling her onto him and off her feet entirely.

Showing off a surprise amount of strength for his diminutive stature, Wayne then spun the 5ft 7 blonde around without her touching the floor as she shrieked in surprise.

Fans weren’t sure about Wayne’s appearance on the show @anniebev6 said: “Wayne Sleep is always cringe #pointless”.

Luba was grabbed and hauled off her feet by Wayne Sleep
Luba was grabbed and hauled off her feet by Wayne Sleep
(Image: BBC)

But it was all in good fun even if the pair couldn’t make the final round.

It’s the second time Luba has starred on Pointless, despite her accent causing problems last time out.

She told the Express: “I did the Pointless show which was really fun because you know I’m not British, obviously.”

The dancer explained that her Russian accent caused confusion on the show, after it made one word sound like a different one altogether.

“I think when it [the episode] comes out it will be very funny because I did say a word with such an accent that it almost [became] a different word,” she said.

However, despite the mix-up Luba revealed that she remained convinced that her pronunciation was correct.

She added: “But I really felt that that’s the way you say it and I was very convinced about it.

“So that was really fun,” she finished.

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