The Traitors has only been on TV screens a few weeks now but the show has become addictive for TV fans who are all wanting to know who gets banished and who gets murdered each night.

The BBC show has launched off the back of a popular first season – which is once again hosted by Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman – and similar shows like The Mole on Netflix.

One of the main frontrunners and proven most popular in the group is the dominating Paul who has seen to be pulling strings after he was voted by the contestants as ‘most popular’. On Wednesday night’s episode, he placed himself in the castle dungeon in a subplot to get rid of another one of his fellow Traitors.

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The plan, however, massively backfired as Andrew was saved by the group instead of Paul. Ash was then voted out to be banished following an ‘Oscar performance’ from Paul who sobbed saying he missed his family.

It means the only person remaining that could be ‘murdered’ in the game was actually Meg. The plan is set to unravel on Thursday’s episode as Paul will remain the only player standing which will result in suspicions about who is the next Traitor seeing fingers pointed in his direction.

Paul’s behaviour has not gone unnoticed by fans who found some footage from around 10 years ago of Paul playing Deal or No Deal. A fresh-faced Paul is sat behind a red box on the show to reveal he won just 10p, and with his smirk and smile, Traitors fans have labelled the clip his “villain origin story”.

The post read: “Paul from #TheTraitors was on Deal or no deal and won 10p. No wonder he’s evil.” James Bembridge commented: “Villain origin story”. Call Me Robb added: “Everyone has been on Deal or no Deal.” Jenny Robinson put: “His origin story.”

Jessica Wright followed-up with: “Everyone on British reality TV has been on deal or no deal lol.” Another posted: “And he’s still smiling!!!!” Fig wrote: “Evil. Evil.”

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