Beloved indie video rental store that outlived Blockbuster gets new life and a renewed purpose

ByJose Mayorquin

Monday, September 11, 2023 11:39PM

EAGLE ROCK, Calif. — At its height, Vidiots was one of the most famous independent video rental stores in the world. It outlived rental giants Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, but the growth of home streaming services ultimately to led to its shuttering in 2017.

However, founders Cathy Tauber and Patty Polinger remained committed to the legacy of promoting the art of film, and they’re doing it through the Vidiots Foundation and a new home complete with movie theater, bar and community space.

“All we’re doing here is taking what Patty and Cathy built and making it bigger,” said Vidiots Foundation Executive Director Maggie Mackay. “

“Having a place like this is quite amazing,” said Val Hovanesian, a local resident and filmmaker. “Places like this allow people who take cinema very seriously an opportunity to come in, rent different movies, explore, and study the craft of filmmaking.”

Vidiots also hosts screenings, educational programs, workshops, community events, and receptions.

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