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Bizarre footage ‘proves time travel exists’ after extra spotted wearing ‘AIRPODS’ in 2006 episode of The Office

FANS have started a new conspiracy theory around the legendary TV sitcom The Office as a pair of “Apple AirPods” pop up ten years before they were released.

The bizarre footage shows a man wearing a green jacket, carrying a black backpack, with tiny white earphones, resembling AirPods in both of his ears.

The extra appears to have white wireless earphones in similar to AirPods
The extra appears to have white wireless earphones in similar to AirPodsCredit: YouTube
The quick scene is being used by some to prove that time travel exists
The quick scene is being used by some to prove that time travel existsCredit: YouTube

Apple’s first generation AirPods weren’t released until December 13, 2016 but The Office’s Valentine’s Day episode that has the controversial scene in, aired on February 9, 2006.

Leaving many to think that this proves time travel exists.

In the fast three second scene the man walks past Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, as he is going down some stairs into the 49 St Subway Station in New York City.

Before Michael goes back up the stairs as “a man is popping in a cardboard box down there”.


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It then quickly cuts to “the world’s greatest boss” overlooking the ice rink at the Rockefeller Center before one of the sitcoms more famous scenes where Michael mistakenly follows a woman he thinks is actress and comedian Tina Fey.

The camera then tracks someone walking past Michael that turns out to be American talk show host and comedian Conan O’Brien.

Resulting in a disappointed Scott as he missed Conan when talking to the fake Tina Fey.

The exact time of the scene is at five minutes 20 seconds into season two, episode 16 “Valentine’s Day”

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The episode focuses on Michael and his boss’ trip to New York to have a meeting with Dunder Mifflin’s corporate team on Valentine’s Day, prompting rumours that they’re dating.

The Office AirPod Time Traveller Conspiracy as it’s been called online was first mentioned in 2018, by YouTuber Tom Gobuzas who posted a video with the same name as the theory.

The video now has 51,000 views online but the theory really took off when it became a TikTok trend in 2019, with people pointing out the confusing scene and getting millions of views from interested fans.

People have since noticed a faint black chord hanging from the earpieces that may explain the phenomenon and ended the crazy theory.

Apple products have mysteriously been seen before they were released several times on TV.

A TikTok video showed a performer at the 2008 Beijing Olympics wearing white plastic objects resembling the AirPods.

The TikTok user yessirbrother said in the video: “I think I found a real time traveller.

“Beijing Olympics 2008 – this guy got Airpods though!”


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The idea of time travel goes back even further with a photo of Brazil’s 1962 World Cup celebrations being exposed for having a man holding a flip phone in an image.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has even joked about how a 350 year old Dutch painting by Pieter de Hooch appeared to have a woman holding an iPhone in it.

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