When asked about the New Year’s resolution he’s made repeatedly without success, Blake Shelton gives a shockingly honest answer. “Well, I haven’t been able to stop drinking yet. That’s my New Year’s resolution this year: To either cut back or stop drinking altogether,” he promises, adding an emphatic, “I said it.”

It’s an earnest admission from the country star who’s said he built his brand on his self-described “drunken redneck” persona. “He knows people will be surprised to hear his resolution,” says a source exclusively to In Touch, adding that his wife of more than two years, Gwen Stefani, 54, “hasn’t pushed him, but obviously there are health benefits to cutting back on alcohol, so she’s supportive. Plus, it’s a good example for his stepsons, two of whom are now in their teens. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Drunk History

But it will be a challenge. The “More I Drink” singer’s projects often go hand-in-hand with alcohol, and he’s been known to play up his frequent inebriation. Blake, who once joked about all the “trouble that getting wasted all the time gets me in,” has an online history of posting comments about his drunken antics and photos of himself imbibing, and he’s also confessed to drinking vodka while filming The Voice.

In 2011, he made a series of videos poking fun at his excessive boozing while promoting his album Red River Blue (featuring the hit single “Drink on It”). In one, he quipped, “I think of a hangover as a badge of honor.” And after taking a fall on stage in Oklahoma in 2018, he tweeted, “Yes I had been drinking. A lot….”

But as many people realize as they get older, it’s harder to bounce back from a night of excess. “Blake is 47 now, and at that age, drinking takes more of a toll on the body than it used to,” says the source, noting that the extra calories don’t help, either. “Cutting out the beer will definitely help him keep his weight in check. And overall, it’ll make him feel better.”

Gwen approves. While the singer enjoys wine, “she’s never been a big drinker,” says the source. “And Blake doesn’t feel the need to have alcohol when he’s around her. He values their relationship, and he wants to be fully present for her at all times.”

Plus, his bold decision to put down the bottle will get people talking. “Blake famously loves to be provocative, and declaring that he’s going to quit drinking is just the kind of thing he would say to cause a stir,” says the source, noting that while many of his fans have expressed support, others have complained he’s not being himself. “But he’s never cared what anyone thinks. If he really does quit, it will be for him.”

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