Famous Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Bad Bunny is a family-orientated celebrity whose family is essential to him. The artist comes from a family of five, including his two younger brothers, one of which is Bysael Martinez Ocasio.


Bysael is the youngest of three brothers. He was raised by his mother and father, who are very strong in their faith. The parents were also able to support their children, including, Bysael, in pursuing their dreams.

Bysael’s dream looks like it lies in becoming a professional baseball player. With his talent already on display and catching the attention of many, the potential for a great career is there. He recently moved to New York from Puerto Rico to pursue a college degree while participating in a more competitive and properly organized college baseball league.


Bysael Martinez Ocasio Was Born into a Catholic Family

Bysael is currently 20 years old, as he was born in 2002. His father was working as a truck driver while his mother taught English.

There was nothing extraordinary about his or his brother’s upbringing. He has a relatively stable life provided by his lower-middle-class parents. One of the most important things for the family was their faith.

The family was observant Catholics, the prevalent religion in their community. Hence, Bysael’s childhood seemed very normal, even by a stretch of the imagination.



Bysael Martinez Is Now Studying in New York

Despite having a famous brother with whom he is very close, Bysael is determined to carve out a path different from his older brother. However, that does not make him less talented.

His talents are pretty exceptional, as he is a well-rounded baseball player. He has been noted to play the game better than most and is seen as a future star. With more professional training, he looks set to reach greater heights.


Bysael received much youth baseball training at the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy in Florida, Puerto Rico. The institution is “a specialized high school with a dynamic learning environment.” Bysael later relocated to New York and was enrolled at Monroe College. The school has a serious athletic program.

After he arrived at Monroe in August 2020, Bysael looks to have settled in well and continued his development as a baseball player. He was shortly included on the school baseball roster as a freshman.


Bysael Martinez Supported His Brother at Several Events

Bad Bunny has shown that he holds his family in high regard. The artist is very close to his brothers, who he says keep him humble. When Bysael finished high school, he initially joined his brother on tour. At that time, Bad Bunny had already gained international fame by featuring on Cardi B‘s song “I Like It” and had Drake on his song “Mia.”

Besides being present on tour, Bysael has made appearances at several of his brother’s essential career events. For two years, he accompanied his brother to the prestigious Billboard Awards in 2020 and 2021. He was spotted walking with his brother on the red carpet.



There is one snap of the three brothers holding Bad Bunny’s Billboard trophies on a triumphant night for the group in 2021. They were also uniquely dressed, leaving no doubts about their incredible sense of fashion. Bysael did not look out of place in the music world.

Although not a celebrity, Bysael already boasts a large social media following. His Instagram has more than 86k followers. A very active user, he usually posts photos of himself away on vacation. He also seems to be conscious about himself and enjoys sharing pictures of himself, at times, posing in front of a mirror.


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