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Celebs Who Can’t Stand Dr. Phil

Fans recognize Nicholas Brendon for playing Xander Harris in the popular television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” While the show garnered him a cult-like fan following, his life was derailed by his bouts of depression, alcoholism, and various run-ins with the law. The actor appeared on the “Dr. Phil Show” in 2015, but his interview ended almost as quickly as it began. 

When the host began to question the actor on his current personal problems, Brendon got defensive. “Didn’t you get evicted because you broke all the windows out in a rage?” McGraw asked Brendon. “Nope,” he quipped back. Brendon continued to get upset, saying, “People aren’t going to laugh at my f**king life, Doc, I’m not going to do this. What do you want to talk about?” The interview ended when Dr.Phil told the actor he smelt alcohol on his breath, adding that he got a report the actor was out drinking the night prior. “We’re done,” Brendon said as he walked off-set.

Brendon took to his Facebook (per People) after the interview to air his grievances. Brendon had been molested as a child and he claimed Dr. Phil chastised his mother for not putting him in treatment at the time. “Dr. Phil had some hard words for my mother, who I love dearly and who I have caused more heartache than I care to remember,” he wrote. In response, a representative for the show told People that Brendon: “chose to disengage before a dialogue with Dr. Phil ever began.”

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