Chip Roy fires back at WSJ editorial board

Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas fired back in response to a Wall Street Journal editorial board piece titled “The GOP Isolationist Caucus.”

According to the piece, Roy and 13 other House Republicans voted across the board against four of the bills that passed in the House on Saturday.

The WSJ editorial board, which dubbed the list of the 14 House Republicans “the dishonor roll,” claimed that the nation and the GOP “dodged a geopolitical disaster on Saturday with the House passage of military aid to allies in Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific.”

“‘Opinion – The GOP anti-open borders, anti-debt, & anti-Hamas caucus.’ Fixed it for you… but you won’t care because you are fine with (unpaid for) war & cheap labor (on the welfare state), Americans be damned,” Roy tweeted.

In a statement about his votes, Roy said, “For months, House Republicans — specifically, Speaker Mike Johnson — have been unequivocal that we would not send billions in additional aid to Ukraine without securing our own border first. This package represents a complete reversal of a position that previously unified the Republican conference, despite the clear and present danger the southern border represents to U.S. national security.”

Regarding his vote against a bill related to Israel aid, Roy said in the statement that “the Israel aid package was paired to gain Democrat support with over $9 billion in humanitarian aid to Gaza and other areas, which will certainly and inevitably find its way into the hands of Hamas — effectively funding both sides of the war and undermining Israel.”

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