CNN’s Chalian: ‘A Lot’ of Our Polling Showing Most Believe Joe Was Involved in Hunter’s Deals ‘Driven by Partisanship’

On Thursday’s “CNN This Morning,” CNN Political Director David Chalian stated that “a lot of the results” of a CNN poll that 61% of Americans think then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in his son Hunter’s business dealings and 55% believe he acted inappropriately with regards to the Hunter Biden investigation “are driven by partisanship.”

Chalian said, “Obviously, a lot of the results here are driven by partisanship. And we see what the Republicans on Capitol Hill are trying to do with this issue. But it seems to be working a little bit. So, we asked Americans, was Joe Biden involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings when he was Vice President. And a clear majority, 61%, say Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings at the time. 38% say he wasn’t. By the way, that includes 42% who think Joe Biden acted illegally. Nearly two-thirds of Independents think Joe Biden was involved in these business dealings as Vice President. And then there was also the question that we asked folks about Joe Biden’s actions regarding the investigation itself, did he act appropriately or not? 55% of Americans in this poll say Joe Biden has acted inappropriately in relation to the Hunter Biden investigation. 44% say, acted appropriately. So, this is clearly, while the Republicans are trying to gather evidence and somehow really connect the dots, again, largely driven by partisanship, you see, Democrats may not be buying this, Republicans certainly are, and Independents are being convinced that there is some Joe Biden involvement here.”

According to the poll, 64% of Independents and 28% of Democrats believe then-Vice President Biden was involved in his son’s business dealings. 52% of Independents and 24% of Democrats think President Biden acted inappropriately with regards to the Hunter Biden probe.

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