'Cold-blooded': Texas partygoers record woman as she bleeds out after being shot at rave-type gathering

A man was found injured and a woman dead after a shooting broke out during an illegal party, according to the authorities in Texas. The revelations came after police received a call about a “rave-type party” in San Antonio around 4:00 a.m. on March 9.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar released details about the case on Facebook, saying that the area where the party happened is not “even supposed to be occupied.” It took place inside an old Knights of Columbus hall.

He went on to say that the water and electricity were not legally hooked up to the building, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Salazar went on to say that the event had been advertised on social media, and the place was “packed” when gunfire suddenly erupted.

It is not clear what ultimately led to the shooting in the first place. The report mentioned that there seemed to be a disagreement between two or more groups, which resulted in a woman getting killed and a man being injured.

One of the more horrific parts is that people recorded the woman as she slowly died after getting shot.

“That’s about as cold-blooded and disturbing as you can get,” Salazar said. “She’s gasping for air, and they’re videotaping her as she’s dying.”

KENS reported that there appeared to be bartenders and security guards at the event, and they were trying to interview them about the situation. One man was arrested at the location after having a warrant for possession of a controlled substance and possession of a handgun.

However, Salazar stopped short of suggesting that the man arrested was responsible for the shooting. He continued by saying that attending the party was not necessarily illegal and hoped that more people would come forward to speak about what happened at the gathering.

Around 20 people who were at the event stayed behind to speak with police after the incident.

“Just extremely frustrating that a little girl 21 years of age is now dead and nobody is able to give us enough information,” Salazar said.

The authorities believe that there were people at the gathering who knew what happened and even recorded a portion of the event. However, it is unknown if those people have been interviewed in the case.

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