Colorado counties sue state over sanctuary policies that ‘create dangerous conditions’

Two Colorado counties filed a lawsuit on Monday against the state over its sanctuary policies that they argue “create dangerous conditions” for residents and migrants.

Over the past 16 months, roughly 40,000 illegal migrants have relocated to Denver.

The lawsuit was filed by El Paso and Douglas Counties, both located south of Denver. It stated that Colorado House Bills 19-1124 and 23-1100 are “illegal and unconstitutional” because they undermine federal immigration laws and regulations.

“The Colorado General Assembly enacted Colorado House Bills 19-1124 and 23-1100, which prohibit local governments from cooperating with the federal government in immigration matters,” the complaint read.

According to the suit, the legislation prevents local law enforcement authorities from arresting or detaining illegal migrants. It also prohibits state judicial officials from sharing information regarding illegal migrants with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Additionally, the bills ban local law enforcement from entering into immigration enforcement agreements with federal agents.

“The nation is facing an immigration crisis. The nation, the state, and local governments need to cooperate and share resources to address this crisis,” the lawsuit read.

The counties claimed the bills “prohibit the necessary cooperation and create dangerous conditions for the State and migrants.”

Douglas County commissioners stated during a Monday news conference that other Colorado counties may be interested in joining the lawsuit, the Denver Gazette reported.

District 2 Commissioner George Teal told KNUS, “We’re in the middle of an illegal immigration crisis.”

“Terrorist are infiltrating our southern border,” Teal told the “Jeff and Bill Show” on Monday. “You know who’s catching them? It’s not the federal authorities. It’s local law enforcement.”

Teal explained that the lawsuit will start in Denver District Court because it challenges laws passed by the state legislature. However, he anticipates the complaint will be challenged.

“We have a laundry list of counties and municipalities across the state who are just aching to join us on this,” Teal said, referring to the suit. “Their police operations have been affected as well.”

He anticipates that the lawsuit will take up most of the year and even bleed into the following year if the appeals process is launched.

Douglas County Sheriff Darren Weekly called the legal action “absolutely necessary to allow law enforcement to work with our federal partners to help keep all of Colorado safe.”

John Fabbricatore, a retired ICE Denver Field Office Director and current Republican congressional candidate for Colorado’s 6th District, told Blaze News, “Sanctuary policies, especially those that create confusion and conflict between local and federal law enforcement agencies, prioritize the well-being and rights of illegal aliens over the safety of American citizens.”

“By shielding criminal offenders from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and possible deportation, these policies allow them to remain in communities where they may continue to pose a threat to public safety. This not only puts American citizens at risk but also undermines the rule of law and the authority of ICE,” Fabbricatore added.

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