Democrat’s Destructive Policies Are on Purpose Tulsi Gabbard

Dave Rubin and Tulsi Gabbard were both once Democrats who woke up and each began their own journeys to the right.

“I held out hope and put my effort and energy toward actually trying to be constructive and bringing positive change to the Democratic Party,” Gabbard tells Rubin, “but especially in that presidential primary, it became tremendously clear to me that the Democrat elite have zero interest in being the traditional liberal party of JFK.”

“Not only did they have no interest, they actively attacked and smeared and tried to silence me for having the audacity to do that, and did it in the most obnoxious possible ways,” she continues.

Rubin remembers it well.

“Hillary Clinton I think went on ‘The View,’ if I’m not mistaken, and said you know, basically you’re a Putin stooge,” he recalls.

“The first time she talked about me publicly was on David Axelrod’s podcast, and without saying my name, essentially said the Russians were grooming me,” Gabbard says, adding that Clinton also called her, a war veteran, a “traitor” to the country.

Democrat leaders like Clinton and Biden do not reflect the liberal values of the great leaders from America’s past — and at this point, Gabbard knows they’re not even trying to do so.

“You believe it to be more calculated than just incompetence, right?” Rubin asks Gabbard.

“You might be able to say, ‘Oh well, gosh, they made a mistake here or there that could be attributed to incompetence,’” Gabbard says.

“But,” she continues, “we have seen now consistently throughout his entire administration over these last three and a half years, consistently pushing policies that undermine our freedom, that make our country less safe and less secure, and that is very quickly unraveling and destroying the foundational, fundamental elements of our country and what it means to be an American.”

“That has to be intentional.”

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