Does Today Host Laura Jarrett Have Kids? Inside Family Life

Laura Jarrett has helped viewers wake up on weekends as the cohost of NBC’s Saturday Today since September 2023. Fans want to know more about her home life and if she has children.

Does ‘Today’ Host Laura Jarrett Have Kids?

Laura and her husband, Tony Balkissoon, are the proud parents of two children. The couple welcomed ​their first baby, son James, in July 2019.

The duo added a daughter in July 2022, introducing her to the world in a sweet Instagram post. “Meet June! Born 7/17. 6lbs and 9oz. Fan of formula, head wraps, and cuddles. Ready to meet her big brother James soon,” Laura captioned a series of photos of her newborn while still in the hospital after giving birth.

does laura jarrett have kids
Courtesy of Laura Jarrett/Instagram

When Did Laura Jarrett Get Married?

Laura and Tony met as second-year law students at Harvard University in 2008. The couple married in 2012.

“Tony and I waited a while before we had children, which I think was super valuable because we just got to have fun. Kids are wonderful, but they can be extremely taxing on marriages,” Laura told in September 2023. “We had a ball just the two of us for a long time and I think that really set us up for success.”

What Has Laura Jarrett Said About Balancing Her Job and Motherhood?

“My position is there is no balance,” Laura told People in September 2023 when asked about the concept of work-life balance.

“Instead, you do the best you can every single day, and make sure you hug your kids and they know that you love them dearly,” she said.

The NBC News senior legal correspondent shared a story about her son and how he coped with his mom heading off to her job.

Courtesy of Laura Jarrett/Instagram

“My son said to me the other day as I was heading out the door, ‘Mommy, are you going to work?’, and I said, ‘Yes, James.’”

“And he said, ‘Do a great job!’” she recalled. “He was giving me an inspirational chat as we headed out the door because he knows I’d love to play with him and go to the park. There are plenty of times we do that, and sometimes he asks when I can’t. I try to be really honest with him about where I’m going and that I actually enjoy work, and that’s OK too.”

“And when I do Today during the week, it’s early enough that I can actually jet back home and have breakfast with the kids, get them started on their day, and then I go back to work,” Laura noted.

“That’s a privilege when a lot of parents are scrambling to have the time to take their kids to school. But I get to come back and see them and have that special time in the day. I do nightly news, which means I don’t get to put them to bed, but having that time with them in the mornings is really special.”

Laura previously spent six years at CNN before joining NBC in January 2023 as a legal analyst. She was announced as the new cohost of Saturday Today seven months later.

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