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‘Don’t get on these rides’: Music Express ride malfunctions, flings riders in reverse

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Riders stuck spinning backwards on malfunctioning roller coaster

Patrons of the Music Express ride at Rye Playland held on for life after the ride malfunctioned, sending them into a backward spin in Rye, New York.

Ariana Triggs, Storyful

A New York state amusement park ride sent guests spinning backwards for nearly 10 minutes after it malfunctioned, footage captured of the incident shows.

Video obtained by USA TODAY shows guests on board The Music Express ride at Rye Playland screaming after it malfunctioned on July 23 and began spinning in reverse.

“It’s stuck,” a passerby is caught on video saying as he watched the chaos unfold at the park in Rye, outside New York City along the Long Island Sound.

‘Pull the plug,” someone else says in the footage. “There’s no plug? This is why you don’t get on these rides.”

Giovanni Martinez-Roman told ABC 7 his cousins were on the ride and it felt like it took forever for it to stop.

“They absolutely did not have the proper protocols to stop the ride I believe the workers handling the ride should know what to do in a case like that,” Martinez-Roman told the outlet.

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An electrical malfunction

A Playland Park spokesperson could not immediately be reached by USA TODAY on Monday.

But the park’s general manager, Jeff Davis, told ABC 7 the glitch was due to an electrical malfunction.

Davis told the outlet the emergency stop button didn’t work so park employees called maintenance to disconnect the power. He also said he was not aware of any injuries being reported.

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