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Heavy Simone Biles is not pregnant.

A former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant took to social media to plead with fans to stop speculating that she might be pregnant. The plea came after Olympic champion Simone Biles posted some fun photos from MetLife Stadium.

Biles was at the stadium to watch her husband, Jonathan Owens, play in the December 11 NFL game between the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants. While she was fully decked out in Packer gear to support her husband and his team, it was something else about her primary photo that became a distraction. Quite a few people thought they saw a small pregnancy bump.

Here’s what you need to know:

Simone Biles Is not Pregnant

Biles’ Instagram post included four photos of her at the game. She wore a black beanie with Owens’ number on it, along with two necklaces representing her husband.

She wore a casual brown set of matching leggings and a top, and Biles added a long, camo jacket over the outfit. Biles smiled broadly as she posed with the field behind her.

On December 13, Biles took to her Instagram Stories to share a follow-up to her initial post. “I hate that I even have to address this,” she wrote.

“But please stop commenting on this photo or my instagram in general about me being ‘pregnant.’ I’m not pregnant,” Biles added.

Plenty of Fans Had Simone Biles’ Back Despite the Speculation

Biles’ post garnered a lot of love from Olympian’s fans. In less than two days, it received nearly 200,000 “likes” and 1,000 comments.

Most of the comments on the former “Dancing with the Stars” alum’s post were positive and supportive. However, as Biles had noted in her Instagram Story, quite a few notes related to a possible pregnancy popped up too.

One person commented, “I 👀 see a slight baby bump?? 🤔”

Another fan wrote, “Is she expecting?? I m so happy for them!!❤️❤️❤️”

“Baby on board 👏,” added someone else.

“Picture is sending baby vibes,” a fourth commenter suggested.

While Biles was frustrated by the numerous comments suggesting she might be pregnant, she was not the only one annoyed. Quite a few of Biles’ followers stepped up and clapped back at those commenters too.

A fan shared, “Didn’t your moms teach you not to comment on someone’s body?! Simone you are beautiful!!”

Another wrote, “I’m so sorry you had to address this SB. Ppl feel so entitled to every aspect of ppl’s lives… like seriously. Keep striving girlie. ❤️”

“This comment section is disgusting. simone is an incredible, empowered woman who inspires us all. do not comment on her body… ridiculous. if you’re so worried then go and learn a yurchenko double pike,” blasted someone else.

“These comments are nuts. girl had a hot dog & a beer at a football game & some internet keyboard warriors jump ‘SHE’S PREGNANT!?’ get a grip. let’s see your washboard abs 🙄 mind your own uterus,” added a separate fan.

As several of the “Dancing with the Stars” alum’s fans noted, Biles is hoping to compete in the 2024 Summer Olympics. She is actively training and competing, and she recently set a record with her latest national all-around title.

Given those goals, Biles and Owens likely are not considering a family expansion right now. When and if they ever do pursue having children, the couple would surely announce it in their way, on their terms.

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