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E4 MAFS UK viewers fear for Ella as honeymoon argument breaks out after trans ‘bombshell’

Married at First Sight appeared back on our TV screens this week with an explosive start to the series as E4 viewers hit out with complaints following a preview which showed trans bride Ella tell her groom her secret.

And, tonight was no different. Things sharply turned awkward on Married at First Sight when Ella, 29 from Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, married Nathaniel, 36, from Manchester.

Both looking stunning Ella joined Nathaniel at the alter telling him “thank god you’re handsome.” She told the camera “oh wow he is so fit.” Nathaniel added: “Seeing Ella for the first time, her eyes, that smile, wow.”

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The pair said their vows and revealed how ‘over the moon’ they were, but as they left the venue Ella said: “I hope he accepts me.”

Then it was time for Ella to reveal her news, she told the cameras: “I have a huge fear of being rejected. I don’t know how this is going to go.

"My mum gave birth to a little boy and I transitioned," Ella told viewers
“My mum gave birth to a little boy and I transitioned,” Ella told viewers

She said to Nathaniel: “I erm, I am trans, I identify as trans, I transitioned about 12 years ago so everything underneath this dress… imagine in the inside. Have you ever met anyone trans?”

But it was Nathaniel’s response that shocked Ella, he replied: “I have never dated a trans-person… [when asked if it would ever put him off] 100% no, I am pansexual, I have had boyfriends I have had girlfriends, its all about how someone makes me feel.

“I don’t care, as beautiful as you are its not all about the outside.”

Ella then phoned her ‘special’ Nan, who she was desperate for Nathaniel to meet. Viewers took to Twitter to share their love for her nan, claiming she should even have her own show.

@DavidMackayy said: “Ella’s nan seriously needs her own show”

@J_R_2018 tweeted: “‘Is it real?’ – Ella’s Nan is the star of tonight’s episode”

@1tarabella wrote: “Nanny Val is EVERYTHING!!!”

However, things for the other couple who married in the episode, Rozz and Thomas, were much more awkward however. Viewers cringed as they watched them take wedding pictures together and enjoy their reception. The pair sat in an awkward silence, as Rozz told the cameras “I’m awkward. I just feel awkward.”

@sehsmiffy tweeted: “Roz making me feel awks and im just at home watching”

@NathanielBen82 added: “Thomas and Rozz together are as awkward as being caught masturbating by your nan”

The pair sat down at the end of the episode and Roz claimed her feelings were starting to grow.

Tomorrow night’s episode shows a huge argument erupts between newly weds Ella and Nathaniel as she’s seen crying.

Viewers are concerned that Ella and Nathanial are going to break up already

@aliceinhunderla said: “I did not get emotionally invested over the last 48 hours for every fucker to be fighting tomorrow”

Another added: “WAIT WHAT? Nathaniel and Ella where a match made in heaven, NOW THEY’RE ARGUING tomorrow, & Laura is back too”

Married At First Sight UK returns on Wednesday at 9pm on E4 and on Channel 4’s catch up service which used to be called 4OD but now is just Channel 4.

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