Earn a Living on OnlyFans Without Showing Nudit

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Most content on OnlyFans contains nudity, but that should not stop you from trying it if you are not into sexual activities. There are other niches that can suit you.

Our article will equip you with ways to make money on OnlyFans with your clothes on.

Let’s Define OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a website where people make money by showcasing their skills. The money comes from subscribers subscribing to creators’ accounts at a specified fee. The uploads can range from images, videos, text, live shows, etc.

Account owners can even charge people who wish to interact with them directly through messaging or custom videos and pictures.

As an OnlyFans creator, you can also collaborate with other creators within your niche to advertise your services.

In short, OnlyFans is an online platform where you can make money, provided you have content that attracts Europeans and other subscribers.

Well, Do You Need to Get Naked?

Of course, No!

OnlyFans is indeed the place that hosts most sexual content, but not all creators are into such activities.

For example, there are fitness experts, business people, beauticians, entertainers, teachers, homemakers, etc. Their content does not require them to undress for their audience. To succeed on the platform, non-sexual content creators only need to create high-quality content, engage with fans, and be consistent. 

Top Ways of Making Money on OnlyFans Without Nudity 

Get Many Fans

After creating your OnlyFans page, you must determine how much you will charge viewers. It can be anything between 4.99 Euros and 9.99 Euros per month. So, the only way to profit is to ensure you get many people to subscribe to your page.

Bear in mind that 20% of the subscribers’ money goes to OnlyFans. So, you are left with 80%.

Tips for growing your fan base:

  • Be consistent: Whenever people visit your page, there should be something new to keep them entertained.
  • Write catch descriptions and include hashtags: This will enable more people to find you easily.
  • Advertise on other platforms: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are examples of social platforms where you can find fans. Use the platforms to share impressive teasers of your OnlyFans content.

Have a Contribution Section

To succeed on OnlyFans, you should allow your followers to support you. You can add a contribution section on your page using Patreon. You can have a one-time contribution or a subscription. Ensure to share the link on your account ‘about’ section.

Ensure you explain how fans will benefit from contributing because that is the only way to make them want to give you their money.

You can also introduce incentives. For example, you can reward your loyal contributors with customized content.

Amazon Virtual Shopping List

Amazon’s virtual shopping list allows your fans to buy things in your list to reward your effort instead of giving you cash.

To create one, you must open an Amazon account. Next, you will put your items and link the account to your OnlyFans page.

Amazon’s virtual shopping list also permits gift cards. You can use the feature to allow your subscribers to gift you instead of purchasing tangible items.

Permit Tipping

Allow subscribers to tip you on direct messages, live shows, profiles, and uploads. Consider setting tipping goals to encourage fans to tip more.

Another way to attract tippers is by providing customized content.

Create Personalized and Pay-per-view Photos and Videos

Personalized content lets you offer exclusive recordings, images, and other types of content to paying fans. The pay-per-view option also lets you charge people a one-time fee to watch your content.

How to benefit from this technique;

Specify your cost. Refrain from charging too high; it will discourage people. Consider offering discounts to loyal subscribers to keep them coming back.

Limit your offers. Do not give content to every fan that contacts you; people can be reluctant to pay. Instead, advertise to your subscribers and make them understand they can only access exclusive content after paying.

Good quality. Produce content that people will be happy to purchase. Ensure it is unique. Otherwise, your fans can unsubscribe and go to another creator.

Be nice to your fans. Whenever someone makes a purchase, ensure to show your gratitude. Making buyers feel part of the brand will keep them coming back.

Advertise Affiliate Items

OnlyFans affiliates get commissions from bringing customers. So, if you sell a product by linking to other people’s products, expect to make some money.

You can advertise content to your subscribers and even people outside Europa and profit when someone buys through your link.

Sponsored Ads

Like in affiliate marketing, sponsored ads allow you to partner with brands to advertise their items. You can earn a fixed amount or get a part of the sales made through your partnership.

Sell Goods

Think of what you are good at. For example, designing logos, drawing, decorating items, etc. You can do any of that during your free time and sell it to your OnlyFans subscribers. 

Starting an OnlyFans Page

You have to load the OnlyFans website and click on the signup option. You will get a form where you enter details like name and email address. You must also create a username and a password.

The next step is to specify how much you will charge. After that, click the Create option to start using the platform.

The most crucial thing after joining OnlyFans is to upload a display photo and write a description of what your page entails. After that, you can create content and advertise your page on other social media platforms to get subscribers.

How to Profit More on OnlyFans

You need to do the following to make a lot of money on OnlyFans:

  • Be focused
  • Be creative
  • Plan strategically 

If it seems to you that you yourself will not be able to realize it 100%, do not worry! OnlyFans Agency StarsAgency will take care of all the above concerns and help you promote your account on this platform.

Top OnlyFans Earners

The European creators who earn the most on OnlyFans focus on different niches. They can earn up to two million monthly. They include:

  • Cardi B
  • Bella Thorne
  • K-Pop group BTS 
  • Sydney Cooper
  • Maitland Ward
  • Riley Reid
  • ManyVids.


What Happens on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an online forum where people share content for money. The creators need subscribers to earn from the site.

Can I Earn on OnlyFans?

If you are creative and use effective marketing strategies, you can earn a lot on OnlyFans. You need to have many subscribers and deliver high-quality content.

Which is the Best Content to Share on OnlyFans?

The best content depends on the individual. There are various niches to choose from, and content can be shared through videos, pictures, and live streams.

Are There Special Tools for OnlyFans Content Creation?

The primary tool for OnlyFans content is a good camera or smartphone. Other essential tools include a microphone, editing software, and a stable internet connection.

How Much Do I Need to Start Using OnlyFans?

Joining OnlyFans is free. However, you will need to buy a camera and anything else you will need to deliver high-quality content. 

How Can One Earn on OnlyFans?

You can profit from OnlyFans through ways like:

  1. Delivering top-notch content: Whatever your niche, ensure your content is unique and high-quality. This is the only way to keep fans interested in subscribing.
  2. Payment tiers: You should offer different payment levels to accommodate all kinds of viewers. For example, the most exclusive content shared via DM should cost higher than the usual content you upload on your page.
  3. Marketing: Use social media to advertise your OnlyFans service. You will attract more subscribers.


OnlyFans is a perfect place to make money, part-time or full-time. The best thing about the site is that you do not have to get naked. There is room for all kinds of talents. So, if you are selling clothes, beauty products, cooking, or are into gym and other physical activities, you can use the platform to make money.

You only have to ensure you deliver eye-catching content, use the best marketing strategies to grow your fan base, and interact with your subscribers.

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