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Everyone can see the first two faces in this illusion…but it takes a high IQ to find the other EIGHT in under 10 seconds

THIS baffling optical illusion has left most puzzlers stumped as they try to find the 10 faces within the drawing.

Although players are easily spotting the first two faces, the location of the other eight may leave you scratching your head.

There are 10 faces lurking somewhere in this mind-bending optical illusion
There are 10 faces lurking somewhere in this mind-bending optical illusionCredit: Painting Valley

In this challenge, we’ve given you just 10 seconds to spot all 10 faces lurking within this seemingly normal tree photo.

With its twisted branches and spiky twigs, it may be tricky to spot human faces – but they’re all hiding somewhere.

This puzzle is made particularly difficult due to the contrasting colour scheme used.

If you stare at it too hard for too long, you might find your head starts to spin.


But don’t let this deter you from giving our challenge your best shot.

If you look closely at the white space between the branches, you may notice some have curves and bends of noses and chins.

Optical illusions are becoming a popular daily activity for those who are looking to test not just their brainpower, but their eyesight too.

Have you spotted the 10 faces yet?

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If not, here’s a hint.

The first two faces at the bottom are glaringly obvious, but if you slowly work your way up – you will spot four more on the left-hand side, and four more on the right.

And if you’re still struggling, don’t fret as we have included the answer below.

Meanwhile, why not try some other puzzles, you might have more luck!

Test your vision and spot the heart hiding among the elephants.

And if you can spot the cat in this living room then you have laser eyes.

Make sure you keep practicing these brainteasers as they can have a great effect on your brain’s performance.

Studies have shown, people who regularly challenge themselves with optical illusions and puzzles see big improvements in their problem-solving skills, concentration, and attention.

Psychologists at The University of Glasgow found that staring at an optical illusion can improve eyesight by allowing you to see small print.

According to ZenBuisness: “These visual puzzles can give you a good mental workout that can, in turn, help you think more efficiently and solve problems more easily.”

If you still can’t find the faces, scroll to the bottom of the page to see the solution.

If you enjoyed this challenge, why not try another?

To get you in the festive spirit, can you spot Rudolph in this fresh puzzle below?

Rudolph is hiding somewhere within this pack of reindeer
Rudolph is hiding somewhere within this pack of reindeerCredit: Savoo

Thanks to his bright red nose, he should stand out from the other reindeer with yellow, green, pink, orange, and blue noses.

But with Christmas trees and presents dotted around the snowy landscape, the red honker is even more tricky to find.

Devised by Savoo, the brainteaser is said to take puzzlers around 30 seconds to spot – but can you get it any faster?

If you did – you probably have excellent vision.

And if not, the answer is below.

There were five faces on each side of the tree
There were five faces on each side of the treeCredit: Painting Valley
Rudolph was hiding in the bottom right corner
Rudolph was hiding in the bottom right cornerCredit: Savoo

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