Exposing the Harsh Reality of Hamas

The hypocrisy — or just pure lack of intelligence — of the pro-Hamas protesters is getting clearer every single day.

In one viral video, a drag queen is shown in front of a group of kids at a drag queen story hour. The drag queen says, “If you’re a drag queen and you know it, shout ‘free Palestine,’” as the children erupt in a chorus of pro-Hamas propaganda.

“You know they’d kill you, moron; they’d throw you off a building; they’d cut your head off,” Pat Gray says, astounded. “Why don’t you go to the Gaza strip and do your cute little routine there.”

“They hate your guts, and he is singing their praises,” he adds, disgusted.

Keith Malinak agrees.

“It’s just gross on so many levels. You’ve got this trans dude hanging out with little kids and then talking about ‘free Palestine,’” he says, adding, “There shouldn’t be this many parents allowing kids in the nation to go to one of these events, much less one.”

“We are just committing suicide as a nation, and we are destroying the children,” he continues.

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