Florida grand jury investigates COVID criminal activity

The hits to those behind the COVID response just keep coming — and for good reason.

A Florida grand jury has added to the recent revelations about the COVID response when they investigated potential criminal activity or wrongdoing by the media, pharmaceutical companies, and all of the authorities who promoted the vaccine during the pandemic.

The investigation was requested by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and authorized by the Florida Supreme Court.

The findings unsurprisingly support what conservatives have been saying all along.

One of the findings is that COVID patients gain natural immunity through infection, despite Americans being told for years that natural immunity was no match for the virus.

“They acted like you were a conspiracy nut job if you talked about it,” Pat Gray says, disgusted. “Everybody that didn’t have financial gain at stake knew,” Keith Malinak adds.

The second finding was that government experts knowingly attacked potential COVID treatments if they were not one of the vaccines. The most notable was the expert class war against hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

The jury reported that well-credentialed scientists and clinicians were dissatisfied with the data the FDA used to justify its decision to revoke emergency use authorization of hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID patients.

“There was even talk of taking away doctor’s medical licenses if they prescribed this stuff,” Gray says. “These quacks are prescribing horse paste,” he adds, mocking the “experts.”

The grand jury’s third finding was that “expert and media lies put lives at risk.”

“It’s despicable what happened here, and it’s great that DeSantis did this, that he put together a grand jury to indict these idiots,” Gray comments.

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