From fathers to failures: Feminization of society endangers us all

As my Blaze Media colleague Jason Whitlock often says, we have too many young men who are over-mothered and under-fathered. That explains the entire culture.

What is traditionally viewed as masculine discipline has been defined in today’s world as harsh. And here’s the thing: It is. Which is why when it comes to the riots and disturbances and melees happening on college campuses right now, I would suggest letting Dad take his belt off in the following way, particularly in blue states.

Let them fight.

Those who were taught and nurtured by the administrations at all of these “educational” institutions are now turning against their masters. This is also a reflection of the voting patterns of the states where the chaos is most pronounced. Which is why the worst thing we could do, in my opinion, would be to try to tame this situation and ultimately let the evil and the rot remain institutionally in place.

What will happen if that occurs? Western Europe will occur. Canada will occur. Australia will occur. This is the death of the West. We’ve decided we’re not going to confront human nature any more and instead thought we could tame it. But the Borg won’t stay on deck 16, will they?

Take a good, hard look, America. You need to see what your lies and excessive comfort have wrought.

We are on the edge of a knife as a civilization about to lose the whole damn thing.

I applaud the police for standing down at UCLA, no matter their reason for it. I would no more send any police in there than I would want my son to go fight for Ukraine. We must let the laws of sowing and reaping do their work. This is Romans 1. See how horrible it truly is to be given over to your own depraved minds.

The lampstand is taken away. Scripture is fulfilled in our hearing. This is judgment. Men and fathers used to understand that, but we just don’t have a lot of them any more because such things all seem too harsh to us today. Yet it was the harsh spiritual discipline sometimes inherent in that biblical worldview that led to this civilization of ours even being established in the first place. We simply can’t escape that. Destruction awaits if we try. And in the case of these college campuses, they will richly deserve it.

The feminization of our culture, though, has led us to the point now that the minute we see any sign of struggle, conflict, or anything that might draw attention to us, we beg for it to go away as quickly as possible through the most convenient and least personal means available. Like when I weighed 380 pounds and preferred the trance of self-medicating because my stepdad smacked me around too much as a kid instead of telling myself I was just lazy and ate too much bad food. I needed to stop. I needed to reverse trends. I needed to take a long and hard look in the mirror.

It’s harsh but necessary. We don’t have time for games. We don’t have time for bleeding hearts. We are on the edge of a knife as a civilization about to lose the whole damn thing. And a lot of it is because we’ve ignored our heavenly Father and we didn’t have an earthly father worth spit to teach us discipline.

So let the colleges touch that hot stove and burn themselves into oblivion if they must. The scar that remains if we all finally learn our lesson about what happens when we push God aside will be a far better outcome than letting them burn the entire house down and taking all of us with them.

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