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Gen Z says Millennials are wearing sunglasses wrong: ‘PR nightmare’

Gen Z is once again shading Millennials.

According to Gen Z, Millennials are wearing their sunglasses wrong and “aging themselves” based on where they put their glasses on their face.

A woman posted a video on TikTok sharing that her Gen Z friend was making fun of the way she wore her sunglasses at the top of her nose, which sparked a debate.

Jordan Harper, a nurse practitioner in LA, was tanning by the pool with her friend joking that she’s received “absolute bullying” all day because of it.

“The way I wear my sunglasses isn’t good enough for these people,” she quipped in the clip, which has 588,100 views and 10,300 likes.

“It’s a PR nightmare,” the younger friend insisted.

Harper demonstrated that she wears her sunglasses pushed further up her nose, which her friend said is “so shoved into your face” and that she “looks like the dad that wears a visor.”

Apparently, the “correct” way to wear sunglasses, according to Gen Z, is lower down the ridge of the nose.

People in the comments had mixed opinions.

Most insisted that the “dad way” was the normal way since it actually blocks out the sun.

“Oh no the dad way,” someone commented. “They are prescription baby.”

“Mine are prescription so I wear them the old way,” another added.

“I wear them for practicality, not to look pretty. I’m wearing them the dad way,” one insisted.

“Properly, so on the top of my nose and not halfway down to let the sun in my eyes and deceive the whole point of sunglasses,” a user wrote.

“Dad way cuz I like to be able to breathe,” one quipped.

Others shared that they like to wear their sunnies lower to show off their eyebrows.

“Brows out. ALWAYS,” one said.

“Gen Z knows best,” another claimed.

“I’m a Millennial and have always worn my sunglasses lower… Brows always need to be showing!” someone wrote.

Meanwhile, some people were simply just confused.

“I didn’t know there was a wrong way to wear sunglasses. I just put them on,” one person said.

“I am learning that Gen Z thinks a lot and I do not care enough to think about these things,” another wrote.

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