How media memory holes are erasing reality and rewriting your worldview

The media is being used to change your perception of reality.

Memory is important. It’s more than a record or the sum of our experiences. It’s more than the mere chronicle of our lives and the tally of good and bad lessons learned. Although our memory is those things, it is fundamentally the key to who we are.

We are cutting the flowers of our future. This only happens if we allow someone to cut us from the root.

Entities that lose their memory, whether it be people, groups, or nations, don’t merely lose knowledge of their past, of who they were or have been. They lose the knowledge of themselves, the knowledge of their purpose, of who they are, of who they’re meant to be. They lose the present and the future.

This is exactly what the media is doing. It is creating “memory holes.”

In “1984,” everyone was forced to go into the “Ministry of Truth” where they were taught the lies that were integral for keeping the tyrannical powers in control. These lies were taught in rooms where they would take evidence of the “old truth” like photos and documents and throw them down the “memory holes.” At the bottom of the memory hole was a fiery furnace. All the memories of the past would be gone forever, priming the people for a new history, a new identity.

When you lose the knowledge of yourself, you lose your purpose and who you were meant to be. You are truly lost.

Think of any movie or series that starts with the hero waking up to find his memory gone. His fundamental character traits may remain, but he’s unmoored, not only unable to recognize family from strangers but also without the knowledge of who he is and how he should act next. It leaves people open to manipulation, to being reprogrammed with lies by whatever bad actor who wants to use them for his own purposes.

This is also true for societies. If we forget our stories, if we stop telling them or allow others to edit them to suit their purposes, we lose them. We forget who we are and who we can and should be. We leave ourselves open to anyone with an alternate story to tell.

This is what’s happened to Christianity. We’ve stopped reading the Bible, and now we’re listening to scientists and atheists and others who say, “Live for today.” What’s wrong with that? Living merely for today is living life on our own terms. There lies the problem. We forget who we are and who we serve and leave ourselves open to the enemy. This is the trait of every postmodern, post-Western, radical atheistic, Marxist thinker or leader.

“Remember who you are, Simba! Remember who you are.” That seems kind of important for the entire story of “The Lion King” — that Simba remembers his roots. Why is it not so important for us? These stories tell us why we’re here and what we’re here to do. But now, we are being told new stories. The old memories are torn apart and must be denied, delegitimized, erased. Now, the new, more suitable, “enlightened” stories can replace them.

Many on the left truly believe the old stories are garbage and that the new stories are true. Yet, they can enjoy the fruits of what’s built on the foundation of the old stories, the material and moral benefits that they take for granted and are currently destroying. They are cutting down the flowers of liberty. But cut flowers are not alive. When you cut a flower, it fades, wilts, and dies. They’re a silent memory of what was and what could have been. To misquote Patrick Rothfuss, “All around them hangs the cut flowers, the silence the beauty of a culture waiting to die.” They don’t produce any seeds. There is no next generation of flowers. When they fade, only rot will remain. What was, will be no more.

We are cutting the flowers of our future. This only happens if we allow someone to cut us from our roots.

Do you know why our families are so broken? Because we don’t know where we came from or how we got here. “We’re all immigrants.” That’s what everybody says. But how many of us know why they brought their family here? What it cost them? Millions have risked their lives to come here for a reason. We need to remember these stories. But memory requires a conscious effort, a choice, a ritual. It requires that a story be told over and over again.

We aren’t retelling these stories, and in the vacuum we’ve created, new stories are being told, stories that are rewriting our past to form the foundation of the elite’s “Brave New World.” The story is one that defines humanity in the Marxist categories of oppressor and oppressed, one that promises safety and security at the expense of freedom, one that is antihuman rather than championing the dignity of the individual. It’s being told over and over and over again, and look how quickly our identity is being lost.

This is our memory hole, and we are at risk of losing our memory of who we are as individuals, as a people, as a nation. But the solution starts with us. We must tell our stories. We must tell the truth. We must tell the stories of our own lives, of our families.

And we must retell our stories over and over again. Tell the stories of your family. Teach your children the beautiful stories that forged this nation. Memory holes require a vacuum. It’s on us to fill that void with true and beautiful stories.

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