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I told lottery bosses ‘I’ll be back’ after scooping $1million jackpot… then won another $1million two months later

A WOMAN scooped a $1million lottery jackpot, promised her benefactors she’d win again, and then bagged another $1million.

Altovise Morris, 41, from Florida, couldn’t believe her luck when she took home a second $1million win from the same scratch-off lottery game only two months later.

Altovise Morris astounded everyone when she took home a second million-dollar ticket on the same game


Altovise Morris astounded everyone when she took home a second million-dollar ticket on the same gameCredit: Florida Lottery
The odds of winning twice in the game are 1-in-71.6billion


The odds of winning twice in the game are 1-in-71.6billionCredit: Florida Lottery

The Orlando resident was gobsmacked when she first beat the odds and secured $1million (£805k) in the Florida Lottery’s 500X THE CASH Scratch-Off game.

The 41-year-old ecstatically travelled to the lotto headquarters in November 2022 holding her winning ticket bought from a local 7-Eleven store.

She even joked with the officials that she’d see them again soon – “I’ll be back,” she warned.

And sure enough – only two months later in January 2023 – Altovise would hit her second stroke of serious luck.

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After she collected her first windfall, the Florida local was able to buy her dream home.

Once the house was secured, she decided for old times sake to play another quick $50 game of Scratch-Off – and won.

“After closing on my house, I stopped at a Sunoco Foodmart in Clermont, and it happened again.

“I still can’t believe this is happening!” Morris told WFTV9 news.

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To the surprise of everyone, and most of all herself, she returned to the lotto bosses and cashed in her second million-dollar ticket.

Altovise chose to receive both her mega wins as lump-sums, and both the retailers she purchased the tickets from will receive a $2000 (£1610) bonus.

The 500X THE CASH game has a top prize of $25million and the odds of winning $1million are at 1-in-267,739.

It is incredible rare to win twice, with odds of just 1-in-71.6billion.

Altovise wasn’t the first to astound lottery officials with her winning streak in the scratch-off games.

A Maryland woman proved just how lucky someone can be when she scooped at least $100,000 three times in the lottery – and has now revealed her winning strategy.

The unnamed winner said it’s all about researching how many games have been on sale for a while and still have a lot of the big-money prizes.

However, she says it’s also due to a lot of luck and a little superstition about what store she buys from.

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