Instagram influencer wakes up Seattle residents with modified exhaust from racing Dodge Charger; officials fine him $83k

Seattle officials said they have fined a man tens of thousands of dollars over citations related to his modified Dodge Charger that has woken up sleeping residents.

20-year-old Miles Oliver Hudson has racked up thousands of followers on Instagram. He posts videos of his vehicle racing at speeds above 100 milers per hour and rattling the windows of residences in the early morning.

‘It’s time for him to face the consequences of his actions.’

Hudson has been cited numerous times by police in January, February, and March over the amplified noise from his modified exhaust system.

Residents have complained about the nuisance to police and on local forums on Reddit where Hudson is known as the “Belltown Hellcat.” A police officer who spoke to him said that Hudson admitted to earning a large amount of income from his social media account posts.

“I asked Hudson why he didn’t just go to a racetrack to utilize his vehicle there,” said the officer in a police report. “He stated that he had ‘almost 700,000 followers’ on his social media, and that the amount of money he makes on filming his videos of him in his vehicle on the street has paid for the car.”

Hudson went on to say that he was going to make a career out of the social media posts.

‘I would hear my windows rattle. It sounded like very loud backfiring.’

City Attorney Ann Davison lambasted Hudson in a statement about the filing.

“Mr. Hudson has cultivated online infamy by flagrantly breaking Seattle’s laws and waking his neighbors with excessive noise,” wrote Davison.

“It’s time for him to face the consequences of his actions,” she added. “That’s why I have requested that the court find Mr. Hudson in default and award the City all applicable penalties.”

At one point, his mother told officials that he no longer had access to the car, but that turned out to be untrue as he continued his outlaw activities.

He faces a daily fine of $1,300 unless he complies, and he reportedly owes $83,200 already. He has pled not guilty and is scheduled to appear in court on June 12.

Residents hope that Hudson will curtail his annoying vehicular activities.

“I’m on the 17th floor here. I would hear my windows rattle. It sounded like very loud backfiring,” said Chris Allen, a resident of Belltown, to KING-TV.

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