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ITV1 My Mum, Your Dad viewers crying as Lisa Riley addresses mum’s tragic death

My Mum, Your Dad viewers were left in tears on Wednesday night as new arrival Janey forced an emotional confession from her son.

The new ITV1 dating show, billed as ‘Love Island for over 35s’, sees a group of mums and dads thrown into a posh country manor house in a bid to find a new love.

The twist, as Davina McCall revealed, is that their kids are all watching on via surveillance cameras – and audiences see the youngsters’ reactions to their parents’ dates, Gogglebox style.

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On Wednesday’s episode, new blonde bombshell Janey, 47, immediately made an impression as the lone blonde in the house, mixing through the guys and asking them who they fancy.

One emotional scene saw the group heading to therapy on bean bags, where they were forced to address things about themselves.

There, Janey opened up about the fact she’s adopted and how it’s affected her relationships.

She said: “I’m a pleaser. It’s only in the last few years I’ve addressed it. When it comes to relationships I’m frightened of rejection and I think I put barriers up.”

Roger talked about his wife's death on ITV1's Mum, Your Dad
Roger talked about his wife’s death on ITV1’s Mum, Your Dad
(Image: ITV1)

Her son then said: “I think she’s worried that I’m a deterrent somehow, to a good candidate. I do feel guilty sometimes, I guess you could say for existing. If I was putting myself in a guy’s shoes, a 19-year-old son is a big deal. They’re gonna be scared of that.”

The other kids then reassured him as they added: “If they think you’re a deterrent then they’re not a good candidate.”

Later, ‘silver fox’ Roger then spoke about his wife’s tragic cancer death.

He said: “Cancer took her breast and it wasn’t satisfied with that so it took her life. I feel resentment towards cancer.”

Roger’s daughter Jess then explained why Roger was trying to move on and date again a year later. She said: “We found notes that she left us afterwards, that’s where she said I want you to move on I want you to find love.”

And Emmerdale Mandy Dingle star Lisa Riley waded in after the show as she posted about Roger: “ROGER and his daughter JESS. A story that I feel many many many of us have been though. I know I have. After my mum died it broke me in two thinking of my dad with anyone new.

“Grief is so difficult to deal with. It’s nice to see this being portrayed truly on this programme. It’s about time – and MOSTLY it’s so real.”

Viewers are saying that the show is better than Love Island and found tonight’s episode especially emotional to watch.

Janey's son Will 'felt guilty for existing'
Janey’s son Will ‘felt guilty for existing’
(Image: ITV1)

@accordingtosals said: “And now I’m crying. Oh love them all”

Martin’s daughter said: “My dad is very confident and dating is something for him that’s very new and hopefully I’ll be able to help him along the way.”

@mrdroberts95 said: “Everytime I see Roger on #MyMumYourDad I just get so emotional. I really want him to find someone that can make him laugh and get that smile back once again. The man deserves everything and more. #MyMumYourDaduk”

My Mum, Your Dad returns on Thursday on ITV1 and ITVX

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