New ‘mature’ dating show My Mum, Your Dad returned for its second episode on ITV1 and ITVX on Tuesday night and the series is sparking mixed reactions with some saying it’s ‘better than Love Island’.

The new programme, led by Davina McCall, sees eight single parents thrown into a country house while their kids spy on them from a surveillance room and make decisions about who they should be paired with for dates.

The series was billed as a ‘Love Island for over 35s’ before it began and now many ITV viewers are saying it’s better than the younger version of the show.

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At the end of the episode, bereaved dad Roger was seen talking about how he ‘prefers blondes’ despite being in a house with four brunette singletons – before Davina pulled out a twist.

A new blonde mum, 47, was thrown into the mix and viewers thought the women already in the house looked furious.

But in between scenes of the adults mingling and looking for love, viewers are shown cuts to the parents’ kids, all sat in a room and constantly reacting to what they are seeing on screen, a bit like Gogglebox.

Viewers aren’t terribly sure about that aspect of the show.

@someonearen said: “oh ffs cutting to the kids commentary and reactions every 10secs is annoying af smh. Let them grown folks just get on with it for more than 1 minute geez”

@jayseaside said: “Oh geez, just let them GET ON WITH IT!! Why do we have to watch the kids’ constant analysis?! It breaks the flow and viewing enjoyment.”

@louiseriggsy said: “Am loving #MyMumYourDad but wish the emphasis was less on the kids and more on the parents. The constant flicking back and forth is very irritating….”

But others are saying they are loving the show and seem to agree that the best part of it is the adults, not the youngsters and many think it’s already better than Love Island.

The cast of ITV1's My Mum, Your Dad were 'too posh' said viewers
The adult cast of ITV1’s My Mum, Your Dad
(Image: ITV1)

@lynnehayter failed to live up to her name as she said: “@ThisisDavina how refreshing watching a dating show where the participants are fully and properly dressed and there’s real mature conversations. We’ll done #MyMumYourDad”

@kaikouramonkey said: “I’m so invested in this show! Loving it #MyMumYourDad”

@queenie_2312 said: “Ok My Mum, Your Dad is spicing up now throwing in a new lady. The OG ladies look fuming #MyMumYourDad”

@survivininthe20s said: “You can see all those women going “a f***** blonde” #MyMumYourDad”

@tre1713 said: “Ha ha ha, it’s so funny how no matter what our ages, the green eyed monster never stops. Their faces were a picture when Janey walked in.#MyMumYourDad”

@loungelatte said: “May be showing my age but This is SO much better than Love Island! Really raw, real, human, warm, vulnerable and heartwarming! Well done really hope they all meet ‘the one!’ #midliferocks! #mymumyourdad

My Mum, Your Dad returns on ITV1 and ITVX on Wednesday at 9pm.

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