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I’ve lived in Benidorm for 40 years – here’s what locals do MUCH better than Brits but tourists still make same mistake

A MUM who has lived in Benidorm for 40 years has revealed the one thing they do better than Brits while tourists always make the same mistake.

Michelle Baker provided some sensible advice to sunseekers on how to survive the boozy party city.

Michelle Baker gave her top tips for surviving Benidorm


Michelle Baker gave her top tips for surviving BenidormCredit: BENIDORMFOREVER
She advised Brits to live like the locals, and drink water while sipping on booze


She advised Brits to live like the locals, and drink water while sipping on boozeCredit: BENIDORMFOREVER

The mum-of-five, who grew up in the UK, manages the Benidormforever Facebook page, where she offers tourist information and delves into the Spanish lifestyle.

But despite her dedication to the informative page, she said that Brits will always ignore the advice.

“I always say don’t be a first day fool… but they will be,” she told The Daily Star.

She revealed that the excitement usually takes over in an instant after holiday goers notice how cheap the booze is on the resort.

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And this is what often leads to disaster, she explained, as they take no notice of how the locals behave.

Although it may sound like common sense, Michelle advised Brits to: “Drink in the shade and drink water along with your alcohol,” as it can be incredibly dehydrating.

This is how the Benidorm locals enjoy their boozy-bashes while staying safe and having fun.

She also offered nuggets of advice to parents travelling with kids, urging them to top up their drinks regularly as children will often forget to “feel thirsty” with all the adrenaline.

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Michelle’s advice comes after legendary stag do performer known as Benidorm Jade revealed her key survival tips to The Sun Online on how to make sure your holiday is the wildest ever.

The 30-year-old boasts she has helped bring even more boozy fun to the sunny shores of Benidorm as she helps run wild stag do excursions and puts on shows at Miller’s Bar.

Jade’s key tips are simple – and they are all about looking after yourself and making sure you don’t burn out on your hols.

Holidaymakers must make sure to have suncream, lots of water, vitamins, and more booze.

“That’s it, if you forget your sunscreen you’re done on the first day, and the only way to get over a hangover is more booze,” she said.

And Jades boyfriend, known widely as Frank The Stag Man, also exclusively shared his top tips for having the wildest time in the party resort.

The self-proclaimed “King of Benidorm” – who once hosted 200 stag and hen dos in his bar in one day warned tourists that: “Cash is king in Benidorm, places do accept card but some don’t”.

“We have a lot of experiences with people that have cards, and then because they’re overseas, their card is blocked by their bank.”

The bar owner recalled seeing several boozed-up guests trying to get money out of machines but their card being declined – and said it’s becoming an increasing problem in the city.

“They’re over on a weekend and the banks are not open, so they’ve got a card and they can’t use it,” he said.

“When you go somewhere on holiday and you stick your card in a wall or you go to pay for a drink and suddenly your card is blocked and you can’t get hold of the bank until Monday, that’s a real problem.

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“A lot of the time the hotels want deposits. How are you going to pay your deposit if your card is blocked and you haven’t got any cash?”

Frank also urges tourists to take a picture of their hotel so they don’t get lost on their way home from a night out – especially if they’re taking a taxi.

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