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Jill Duggar Says Jim Bob Had An Epic, Childish Tantrum When She Got Her Nose Ring

In “Counting the Cost,” Jill Duggar explains that her decisions to wear pants and get her nose pierced were not the acts of a young woman who was rebelling against her patriarchal, legalistic upbringing; she simply liked the way both looked. Jill even felt so terrible after her painful pants conversation with Jim Bob Duggar that she decided to call him before she got her nose pierced. Much to her relief, she had to leave him a message when he didn’t pick up. She then received a voicemail of her own. “He pleaded with me not to do it. He told me I was making a huge mistake. He begged me to think about how it was going to affect my little sisters. He said I was ruining my life,” Jill writes.

After Jim Bob learned that Jill had gotten the piercing, she says that their relationship deteriorated. “He’d text verses reminding me to ‘honor thy father and mother,’ and every conversation we had just heaped more guilt on me,” Jill recalls. After she began receiving hurtful messages from him on an almost daily basis, it became too much to bear. She eventually sent him a text letting him know how much pain his behavior was causing her and explaining why she didn’t want to speak to him. It read in part, “You are only going to attack us and insist that your view is the way we should see things too.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Jill can reconcile with her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, but her bombshell revelations in “Counting the Cost” will undoubtedly place even more strain on their already troubled relationship.

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