Joe Scarborough Pauses Morning Joe Segment to Surprise Mika

Joe Scarborough scared his wife, Mika Brzezinski, when he abruptly paused a segment on Morning Joe. But, he was able to deliver a sweet birthday gift to her on the Thursday, May 2, episode of the show.

Mika, 57, began reading the intro to a segment, featuring Dan Kilcoyne, the President and CEO of Mini Melts Ice Cream. She could be heard gasping as Dan appeared on the screen.

All of a sudden, Joe, 61, began ringing the bell on his desk, screaming, “Mini Melts. Come on over, Dan.” He got up from the desk and urged his costars to follow him. Mika sat with her mouth wide open in shock at what was going on around her.

Joe told Mika to come stand in front of a display that was covered by a sheet. The political commentator pulled the sheet off of the surprise to unveil an entire cart full of Mini Melts, Mika’s favorite dessert. She clasped her hands over her face and screamed with delight.

Mika hugged Joe before she ran over to see the selection of Mini Melts. “Oh, my God. You guys, look at the Mini Melts!” she exclaimed.

She began serving herself some cotton candy flavored Mini Melts, which is her favorite flavor. She also asked Dan how the ice cream pellets stay so cold and how she could get a Mini Melts freezer in her home.

Joe Scarborough Pauses Morning Joe Segment to Surprise Mika on Birthday
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“So, Joe arranged this whole entire thing,” Dan said. “I mean, the thing with Mini Melts is, we want to make sure we bring moments of joy to everybody, so we brought a big moment of joy for your birthday here today.”

Joe went on to say that Mika’s obsession with Mini Melts runs deep.

“On weekend mornings, she’ll wake me up at 5 or 5:15,” he said. “I’ll go get her coffee. I’ll drive back. But I will tell you at night, when she’s half asleep, she’ll go, ‘I need Mini Melts.’ And I’ll go down to the garage and get back up. No, I’m telling you, she’s obsessive about it.”

“But seriously, I do eat a lot of them,” she replied.

“She eats a lot,” Joe added. “One after another after another. I’m telling you this is her favorite.”

Mika and Joe began handing cups of Mini Melts out to their costars and staff behind the camera.

As the segment neared its end, the Morning Joe staff rolled out a cart with a birthday cake, balloons and cupcakes. They gathered around to sing Mika “Happy Birthday.” While they were singing, she grabbed a fork and ate a piece of cake.

“It gets greater later,” she told the camera before the show headed to commercial.

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