Josh Seiter competing in WOMEN'S weightlifting??

Once a bachelor hoping to steal Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart on the beloved reality show “The Bachelorette,” Josh Seiter is now a trans activist who claims to be a woman.

Alex Stein
of “Prime Time with Alex Stein” sat down for an outrageous interview with the macho man turned trans woman, in which he learned a little too much.

Of all the information gained from this encounter, he also found out that Seiter believes he should be able to compete in women’s weightlifting.

“Are you going to try to join any biological female sports leagues? Because I think that you are physically fit. You go to the gym. I think you could probably make the WNBA,” Stein says.

“Basketball is not my forte,” Seiter admits. “I have always been an avid weightlifter as you’ve mentioned before and as I’ve mentioned before, so I do plan on entering some powerlifting competitions.”

Seiter also believes the rules that come along with joining a women’s sports team as a biological male are “draconian.”

“I would have to comport to specific bylaws concerning how long I’ve been on hormone therapy, but typically after 12 months, if you’ve been on hormone therapy, you can compete as a woman if you identify as one and you are transitioning,” he explains.

“So I would enter some powerlifting competitions. You know, my bench press is pretty good, so I think I’ll do pretty good there,” Seiter adds with a smile.

“Do you think you have an unfair advantage though at all?” Stein asks, clearly concerned.

“Like Lia Thomas or anyone else, I’m just playing by the rules,” Seiter responds, adding, “I would compete in the women’s category because I’m a woman, and trans women are women.”

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