Broadcaster Kate Garraway has revealed another horrifying development in her husband’s battle with long Covid.

Kate’s husband Derek Draper has needed round the clock care ever since he was hospitalised with Covid-19 back in 2020. He was left in a coma and has been battling long Covid ever since.

While he has made some progress he can still only say a few words and is struggling with renal failure, reports The Mirror.

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The most concern is around his lungs. He currently cannot breathe in oxygen or breathe out carbon dioxide efficiently. This means that his body is “slightly poisoned” all of the time.

Kate says that he urgently needs rehab to help him breathe properly once again. She detailed a very recent scary incident that happened to him.

She told the Sunday Times he has developed a “weird choking” condition that’s baffling doctors. “It happened again just last weekend,” she said. “For absolutely no reason he just went blue.”

Luckily, two carers were on hand to get him back breathing again as Kate and her son watched on in horror. She said he eventually “sort of vomited”.

Despite some improvements, he is still facing a long road to recovery with Kate worried that their children will have to act as “carers” more and more.

His incontinence means that he needs to be changed regularly and any progress he was making on learning to walk again was scrapped when he was rushed to hospital with sepsis.

As a result Kate says that he husband is “terribly, terribly depressed”.

Kate has written about her family’s ordeal in a new book The Strength of Love: Embracing an Uncertain Future with Resilience and Optimism, which will be published on Thursday.

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