Malia White just got friend-zoned by Kory Keefer. The “Winter House” star sat down with Andy Cohen and revealed where he and his castmate stand as speculations flew that a romance was brewing between the two. He said, “We definitely had a very brother-sister relationship, but there [were] times where, if I had allowed that boundary to be crossed, it would have.” To make it worse, Keefer threw White under the bus and revealed that he thinks she has feelings for him, but it’s not reciprocated.

Keefer took part of the blame as he admitted his behavior with White wasn’t the best, and he knew he crossed boundaries. For Bravo fans, there were plenty of moments where they can point out when Keefer crossed the line – he did let White spit in his mouth, per US Weekly. Throughout the season, it seemed like much more than just a brother-sister relationship, but Keefer excused his behavior by confessing to Cohen, “I was a dumb boy, and I still am.”

And how does his … situationship, or whatever it is, with Sam Feher fit into this? Well, it’s been difficult watching this season back. He told Cohen, “Seeing it, especially in front of Sam’s face, I totally understand her reaction and I think that was valid.” But has Keefer and Feher’s romance been able to overcome the drama unfolding during Season 3 of “Winter House,” or have they called it quits? 

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