Kristin Chenoweth Is Very ‘Happy’ Since Marrying Josh Bryant

As she rehearses for her new musical, The Queen of Versailles, Kristin Chenoweth is all smiles. At 55, she’s discovered what works best for her in both her public and private lives. “I think growing up, I might have been a little bit more focused on pleasing everyone else,” she tells Closer exclusively. “Now, I’m really just doing very specific things that bring me joy, so I’m happy!”

Part of her bliss comes from her marriage to guitarist Josh Bryant, 41, whom she wed last September. “We are each other’s best friend,” says Kristin, who adds that she and Josh are connected through music and faith. “We share a similar faith — which I never thought was important before,” she confides. “But marriage can be work, and you don’t ultimately want to disagree on the basics.”

Kristin recently disclosed that prayer helped her survive “severe” domestic abuse in an earlier relationship. “Hopefully, you evolve and learn what you won’t put up with,” she says. “Unfortunately, sometimes you have to learn the hard way. But I would not have known that Josh was the one if I hadn’t had some crummy experiences.”

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How Kristin Chenoweth Stays Healthy

As someone who has suffered from chronic migraines for two decades, Kristin has learned to make her health a priority. “Botox works for me,” says the star, who has teamed up with AbbVie in the Center Stage With Chronic Migraine program to help others manage their symptoms. “I go every three months like clockwork.”

Kristin’s other favorite health tip is to treat your body with kindness. “I keep a low sodium and low alcohol diet. For trying to feel great, I think vitamin D helps, says the star. “I drink tons of electrolytes. And I try to get my sleep, but it doesn’t always work out.”

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