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Lee Burkhill accuses Garden Rescue viewers of ‘homophobia’ as he fires back over ‘provocative’ vest outrage

BBC Garden Rescue’s Lee Burkhill has asked viewers if they are worried he will ‘steal their husbands and corrupt their kids’ after firing back over a comment about his choice of clothing on the show.

Lee Burkhill, affectionately known as the Garden Ninja, is appearing on the new series of BBC’s Garden Rescue all this week at 3.45pm alongside Ground Force legend Charlie Dimmock.

But the presenter fired back on Tuesday after comments were made out his slashed open sleeveless vest on the latest episode of the garden makeover programme.

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It comes just a day after Lee, who keeps his husband’s identity out of the limelight, revealed show bosses have ‘banned’ him from installing swings on his garden designs.

One comment that fired Lee up was from @alanmar96054654 which said: “I wish you wouldn’t wear that awful vest which shows off far too much of your flesh. Wrong programme for that attire.”

Garden Ninja Lee Burkhill himself then replied to his tweet, taking him to task as he fired back: “Hahaha I’m glad it’s causing so much fuss. Maybe focus on the plants more?

“Be careful I’ll pair it up with my hyper short shorts and really give you all a show! Happy gardening!”

He then put out an Instagram post where he screenshotted the falling out and added: “Who knew a vest could become so controversial!

Lee Burkhill on BBC Garden Rescue's new series, with his 'outrageous' vest
Lee Burkhill on BBC Garden Rescue’s new series, in his ‘scandalous’ vest
(Image: BBC)

“Seems like there’s a few outraged viewers that I dare… dare to wear a vest. Scandalous. Disgraceful. Provocative!

“Whether it’s just those lovely hateful emails or just people having a rant on Twitter. Let’s have a look at why the humble vest may be causing such drama!

“I’ve been having a think because – the landscapers can wear vests? Female identifying presenters can wear vests? But somehow I’m inappropriate?

“Hmmm is there some subtle homophobia going on?

“Am I just too delicious to handle at 3.45 in the afternoon? Will I corrupt your children to a punk way of life? Steal your husbands? Put you off gardening with fleshy desire?

“Who knows. One thing for sure. Keep the comments coming and for every one I’ll reveal even more of who I am. Unapologetically Ninja.

“You want my expertise but not my style? Sorry babe they come as a pair.”

Lee’s followers immediately backed him over the row .

@akh71 said: “God what on earth was the issue? Maybe, like me, they are just jealous you have upper arms you’re not ashamed to show.”

Lee replied: “Flapping my arms but more likely being a bit too out there. They don’t know what to do with it. ‘I like what you do but just don’t like you’ conundrum. Poor Alan.”

It came as viewers were treated to a garden rescue in Frenchay in Bristol, where a couple with a large new build garden felt their lifeless space was in need of an overhaul.

The pair, Hannah and Dominic, had just a large lawn between two plain brick walls.

Lee pitched his £6,000 budget overhaul plan with ‘bee hotels’ a key feature as he tried to marry functionality with wildlife, complete with decking and a mancave.

Unfortunately for Lee, Chris was picked by the pair, so Lee was forced to help bring Chris’ vision to life.

BBC Garden Rescue returns at 3.45pm every weekday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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