Luke Macfarlane is revealing his holiday movie earnings, and he’s not ho-ho-hoing all the way to the bank.

“You were in [Single All the Way on Netflix], was the paycheck bigger [than Hallmark]?” Daniel Tosh asked Macfarlane, 43, during a recent episode of his Tosh Show podcast.

Macfarlane replied, “Smaller.”

Macfarlane has been a holiday regular has been a Hallmark staple since 2015. Earlier this year, Macfarlane appeared in Notes of Autumn and Catch Me If You Claus. He is now seen in Netflix’s Single All the Way.

“So, I’ve had, like, sort of overall deals with [Hallmark where] I’m gonna commit to five Christmas movies or five movies, but I can’t work for any other networks and they can’t be holiday-related movies,” Macfarlane explained, noting he could sign onto Single All the Way at the time because that was “outside of my deal.”

Asked if Hallmark pays well, Macfarlane nodded and said that his “rate goes up” for successive projects.

“It is a nice thing,” Macfarlane added. “They have to air a certain amount of time before you start getting [any money]. As you know, they air them a lot. So, if you end up doing one of the ones that hits and is popular, it gets aired more and more. So, you eventually get residuals.”

Tosh asked if Macfarlane has seen any residuals for 2018’s A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, a movie he made with Candace Cameron Bure. “I don’t know if I’ve gotten [any],” Macfarlane said.

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Source: DLine

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