Marc Schauer Is ‘Off-Limits’ for Interviews – Meet Laura Linney’s Husband

Marc Schauer is Laura Linney’s husband of 14 years. Despite having a high-profile career, Linney has kept her husband and their personal life away from the limelight.


Marc Schauer and Laura Linney first met in 2004, but their meeting was not love at first sight. The actress revealed that it took a while for them to warm up to each other.

The two have since been together for a decade and share one child. While Schauer’s wife is an accomplished actress, his career is far from the entertainment industry. He is a real estate agent, having worked in the industry for many years.

Laura Linney and husband Marc Schauer at The Copacabana on January 15, 2020, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images


Laura Linney’s Husband Works in Real Estate

Marc Schauer and Linney first crossed paths in 2004 at the Telluride Film Festival; at the time, Schauer was assigned to be her liaison. Linney recalled their first meeting, noting that their relationship took a while to develop.

The two would later begin dating, and after three years, Marc Schauer proposed in August 2007. At the time, Schauer, a real estate agent, worked in Telluride, Colorado.

Marc Schauer married Linney in May 2009 in a colorful outdoor wedding. The ceremony was held on his wife’s property in Connecticut. The wedding came just two months after Schauer’s wife had lost her close friend, actress Natasha Richardson.


Laura Linney and Marc Schauer during the BFI 51st London Film Festival on October 29, 2007, in London, England. | Source: Getty Images

Laura Linney’s Husband Prefers Living a Private Life

Despite being married to a renowned and accomplished actress, Marc Schauer and his wife have maintained a low profile in their personal lives. Schauer’s wife is discreet about certain aspects of her personal life and takes steps to protect her privacy. His wife once declared that Marc Schauer and her family were “off-limits” for interviews.


For instance, in 2009, the couple rocked the red carpet during the 15th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Schauer and Linney welcomed their son Bennett Armistead in 2014. Schauer’s wife, who was 49 then, said she was grateful to be a mom and that the arrival of their son had changed her in ways she never expected.

Laura Linney and Marc Schauer arrives at the Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 4, 2008. | Source: Getty Images


Schauer’s wife explained that in the first year of being a mom, she realized there were muscles in her face that had never been used before. She described how, when looking at their son, she would smile in entirely new ways, resulting in a constant soreness in her face.

Despite Schauer’s wife’s demanding career as an actress, which often requires her to spend long hours on set, he willingly assumes responsibility for their home in Brooklyn whenever she is away for work.

Before settling down in Brooklyn, Schauer and his wife resided in Telluride, Colorado, during their dating period. Schauer’s wife reflected on their time living in Colorado, expressing appreciation for the area’s stunning beauty and the pleasure of witnessing its magnificent mountains.


Laura Linney and Marc Schauer during the 36th Telluride Film Festival held at the Opera House on September 4, 2009, in Telluride, Colorado. | Source: Getty Images.

In 2009, Marc Schauer and Linney revisited where they had initially crossed paths in 2004. They attended the 36th Telluride Film Festival—the event that had initially brought them together. Even though Marc Schauer prefers living away from the limelight, he has supported his wife’s career and occasionally accompanied her to high-profile and red-carpet events.

For instance 2009, the couple rocked the red carpet during the 15th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. The pair also attended the 80th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in 2008. Marc Schauer’s wife is an award-winning actress, boasting numerous prestigious accolades, including multiple Emmys. Additionally, she has earned several Oscar nominations throughout her career.


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