Someone’s salty! Mark Consuelos shared some choice words about Patrick Mahomes on Live With Kelly and Mark after the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship Game.

“Hey football fans, big day last night,” Mark, 52, told Live viewers at the top of the episode on Monday, January 29. “The Chiefs beat the Ravens; I think it was by a touchdown.”

Several members of the audience could be heard groaning as the talk show cohost discussed what happened during the game. “You are disgusted by that,” Kelly Ripa remarked after hearing the crowd’s disappointed reaction to the Chiefs victory.

The final score was 17-10, with the Chiefs securing a spot in Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on February 11.

“That guy. That quarterback Mahomes is so good, it’s annoying,” the Riverdale actor said during the conversation with his wife. Mark assured the audience that he was impressed by the professional athlete’s skill, despite the subtle dig.

“He seems like a wonderful man. Wonderful guy,” he continued. “You got to marvel at his prowess athletically. He’s fantastic, but he’s just so good. He’s so good.”

Just as Mark was continuing his rant about Patrick, 28, an audience member chimed in with their opinion. “He’s very cute,” the person said from the crowd, to which Mark replied, “And he’s very cute. Oh OK, well OK.”

The All My Children actor was visibly thrown off by the comment, shaking his head in the direction of the camera.

“They made it to the … I was going to say the World Series. It’s not the World Series,” he continued after the fan interrupted him. “They made it to the Super Bowl. They beat the Ravens. Last night, the Lions, America’s team against the 49ers, they came out and punched the 49ers in the face.”

Mark Consuelos in a sweatshirt and jeans during stroll
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Kelly, 53, asked, “Have you checked on my dad?” The Generation Gap host’s father, Joseph Ripa, is a big Detroit Lions fan. Mark replied, “No,” and finished off the segment by congratulating the two teams that will be duking it out at the Super Bowl.

Mark is famously a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while Kelly roots for the Philadelphia Eagles. Throughout the NFL season, the longtime couple have smack talked each other’s teams on Live and made several bets with each other.

After the Buccaneers beat the Eagles in the NFL Wildcard Round, Kelly lost a bet with her husband and was forced to eat a Cuban sandwich on Live with producer Ashley Lewis.

“Ash said to me last night, she goes, ‘I really don’t feel like eating a Cuban sandwich at 9:00 in the morning. And I go, ‘Nobody does!’” the Emmy winner told the crowd on January 16.

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